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mo' fidelity | December 14, 2018

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Alice Russell @ Ronnie Scott’s, London, 25.07.2014

Alice Russell
Raya Raycheva

Last night was my fifth time listening to Alice Russell live, the third country in which I was doing so, at a fourth and completely new to me venue. Result – I love her more and more each and every time.

Since there’s not much to say about the actual gig because – DUH! – it’s great, perfect, fun, awesome, voices, instruments, charisma, everything… I’m just going to offer a little timeline of my Alice Russell concerts since they’ve been one of the most consistent aspects of my life in the past several years.


I hold a belief that as much as it’s important to be able to talk about music in an objective way that compliments my soon-to-be journalism degree, at the end of the day, and when you’re writing in your own bloody blog, you should be able to be subjective and emotional because that’s what makes music worth it. Not rating scores and charts.


So here it goes.

The title of this post is completely misleading and not what this post will be about. Deal with it.


My adult life in Alice Russell concerts.

2009 – Alice Russell followed by Nightmares on Wax in an extra crappy, Soviet-chic hall in Bulgaria.

I have just started university after quitting a decade of ballet training. I still don’t have new friends so I still don’t have anyone to go with.
I convince an old acquaintance to come with me, she doesn’t show up and new acquaintance and university colleague Alex runs to the venue last minute. We get in late due to the whole who’s-coming-and-who-isn’t hoopla and I’m not even sure what we managed to hear and see.
I decide that in the future I will start going to concert by myself if I have to because this is ridiculous. We miss the beginning.
I have yet to find out how much I love Alice Russell.



2010 – Alice Russell with TM Juke in Sofia Live Club, Bulgaria.

I have now officially befriended mofidelity’s future co-founder Nevy and we’ve started sharing the music. Which also means that by this point I don’t have to go alone to concerts – I have found my platonic soul mate!

In the more appropriate setting of the club and the lack of waiting and pre-concert bull, I also find out that I love Alice Russell!

Our hands are in the air and we stomp our feet to “Seven Nation Army” and we’re super into it. Good.


2011 – Alice Russell-less year. Start of this blog.

2012 – Alice Russell with Quantic and Combo Barbaro at Casa Da Musica, Porto, Portugal.

Platonic soul mate Nevy and I have moved to Portugal for a year because why the fuck not. I’m kidding, it was under educational pretenses.

Alice Russell, Quantic, the man, and the completely awesome Combo Barbaro are performing the fantastic “Look Around the Corner” in the amazingly futuristic yet classic Casa da Musica.

We dance, we sing, we laugh – the combo is the right one and everything around the corner looks better.


2013 – back to Bulgaria and Sofia Live Club.

Alice is also back and is touring her latest album “To Dust”. Both Nevy and I aren’t extremely pumped to be back after a year in Portugal where the trailer for our existence was a version of that gig in Casa Da Musica.

The concert of course if fantastic, as always, and Alice is, as usual, her most charismatic, crazy-voiced, impeccably dressed self. And the band – that’s probably one of the most fun bunch of musicians to be gathered in one band. Applause.

Regardless, we wish it was 2012.


2014, July 25, yesterday – Ronnie Scott’s, London.

Bloody first row with the love of my life, listening to one of my most favourite live performers in a legendary jazz venue that has seen the likes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald.

It’s exactly one year since I’ve moved to London for the purposes of love, love of music and an education inspired by the love of music.

I’m practically on stage, I could’ve played the keyboards (if I could play keyboards that is).

And once again, everything is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.



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