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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Best of 2014: Top 10 Boiler Room Sets

boiler room 2014

Boiler Room has come such a long way from its launch back in 2010 to this day. What started as a semi-impro lo-fi weekly webcam stream is now “the world’s leading underground music show” – a phrase that pretty much sums up the essence of how the meaning of “underground” has evolved in the digital age. It’s a business and a global trend that’s, in a weird way, “pop” in itself. With everyday broadcasts from spots all over the world, Boiler Room is no longer your boutique, intimate guide to underground electronic music. It’s become a global platform emitting output that’s impossible to keep track of on a daily basis – unless you really have nothing else to do!

In this sense, my top 10 is by no means an objective, comprehensive shortlist of ALL the 400+ Boiler Room sets (yes, I kind of counted them) that have been streamed this year. Rather, it is simply those that I consciously chose or accidentally happened to watch, and enjoyed. I hope you do, too!

10. Lord Tusk Boiler Room London Live Set

Lord Tusk is one of my personal discoveries for this year. A one-man orchestra and machine sorcerer delivering smoked beats and synths from a very dark dystopian future.

9. 2562/A Made Up Sound Boiler Room Amsterdam X Dekmantel DJ Set

Dubstep-turned-techno or tribal at its finest – name it as you wish! I love the elegance with which 2562 works his way from tingy tropicalia to house and acid to fatty boom-batty bass bombs in this beautiful movie of a set. Impeccable from beginning to end.

8. Dorian Concept Boiler Room Vienna Live Set

Austrian synthopy from beneath the fingers of the KORG God also known as Dorian. Sofia Beats approves.

7. Breakfast with Ringgo: Mndsgn & Knxwledge – Boiler Room Los Angeles

Beats, weeds and munchies – that’s all we need, indeed! Call your friends, cook for them, sit back, relax and immerse yourselves in the sweet haze of Boiler Room‘s first breakfast show. De-li-ci-ous!

6. DJ Mitsu the Beats Boiler Room Tokyo DJ Set

Few DJs out there can blend beats to house and techno with such panache as Mitsu the Beats. Admire his skill as well as the kindness to show you the sleeve for every record he plays. Pure class from Tokyo all the way to your speakers.

5. Kode 9 Tribute to DJ Rashad Boiler Room London DJ Set

R.I.P. Rashad

4. Wen Boiler Room London DJ Set Keysound Recordings Takeover

It’s difficult to write anything about this set as I am just too busy droppin’it low! I admit I do have a soft spot for this signature UK cheeky bass-heavy sound and young lad Wen found all my tender buttons…

3. Poima Boiler Room Moscow Live Set

You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that I tuned in to the latest Boiler Room Moscow show to see KiNK. His performance needs no description or evaluation, indeed. This insanely intense live set from South Russian duo Poima, however, does – it will tear your face off.

2. Omar Boiler Room LIVE Show (w/Scratch Professor)

MUSIC doesn’t get any better than this.

1. Intergalactic Gary Boiler Room x Dekmantel Festival DJ Set

When a Boiler Room set makes you forget about your laptop, turn off the lights, blast the volume and indulge in a proper party dance amidst your living room, it has to be your number 1. Watching this veteran DJ do his thing in full concentration, his face glowing with emotion that can be felt all the way throughout his mix was deeply inspiring. I’ll see you live next time, Gary!

Now off to 2015!

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