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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Best of 2014: 10 Tracks I Wish I Had Made

Best of 2014 Ambient Neoclassical
Angel S.

I utterly despise that period of the year when all those top lists start appearing everywhere (Thank you, Angel. – Raya.). And that’s usually because, especially on the major websites, it’s the same releases over and over again, varying just in order.

From a purely selfish perspective however, assembling a top list might be a neat experiment because summing up the year in just ten tracks or albums requires quite the focus.

So yeah, here’s me skillfully listing 10 tracks published in 2014 that I wish I had made.

NB! Beware this will be super eclectic, so don’t be surprised when I go from neoclassical / ambient to industrial techno.

10. Sima Kim – ‘Isolated’ (ft. Almeeva) [BLWBCK]

That’s definitely the first track, which came to my mind when I started thinking about breaking 2014 into pieces. I already reviewed that release… somewhere, so I won’t really dig in its details again.

While listening have in mind that soon after this collab Sima Kim moved to the more rhythmic side of his music and Almeeva is now on InFiné. I guess ‘Isolated’ has many of the reasons why these two artists are appreciated.

9. Endless Melancholy – ‘Amber’ [Futuresequence]

There’s something very special about the way Alex from the Ukrainian ambient / neoclassical project Endless Melancholy writes his music.

Yes, you can surely name a bunch of references to artists, who share a similar approach to sound, but you don’t really need to do that. I picked ‘Amber’, as it was recorded for a compilation, so it had to stand for its own self… and it does.

In just a few minutes and surrounded by tens of other tracks it manifests everything that Endless Melancholy has to say to the world of listeners.

8. Litheo – ‘Time Travel’ [ABCD]

I really enjoy music which leaves you space (air) to fit in. ABCD did that with two of their 2014 releases (you can check out our review of SHLTR’s ‘Outer Heaven’ here).

Litheo‘s ‘Time Travel’ is one of the finest examples how one should structure their music – in such a way that actually lets the listeners in and not just force-feed them a concept or an idea.

Yeah, it’s sad I didn’t write this track, but I was at least invited to remix it so it’s okay. (This is not the time or place to be modest and not link to your remix, Angel. Go listen to it here. – Raya.)

7. Tim Hecker – ‘Amps, Drugs, Mellotron’ [Adult Swim]

What Tim Hecker does to sound is not really describable. Just hit the play button below.

6. Mondkopf – ‘Cause & Cure’ [In Paradisum]

Packed with a wall of distortion and harsh beats and recently with Greg from the drone duo Saåad on guitars, live Mondkopf is a killing club beast.

That piece from the 2014 album ‘Hades’ is just massive and you can’t really want anything else from a club track.


5. Puce Mary – ‘Courses’ [Posh Isolation]

Before calming down again I’d let the distortions say their final word with Puce Mary’s ‘Courses’. It’s just a shattering and somehow purifying experience.

If you dare, go there. If not, go mellow down again one track below.

4. Наадя – ‘Холодное Сердце’ [Full of Nothing]

Space, hypnotizing beats and a thick ambience play hosts to the comforting and captivating vocals in this one.

Definitely a piece I haven’t stopped listening to for months and months. I’m sure I’ll keep doing that in 2015 and ’16 and ’17 to infinity.

3. Climaxim – ‘Knife Loop’ [self-released]

Climaxim is a Limewax side-project you have to experience in a big venue with a huge sound. However, indulging on his studio sounds is enough for starters. You can’t easily put this music in genres and that’s also pretty rad.

2. Deffektegg – ‘Бърза смърт или дълга любов (A Fast Death or Long Love)’ [Mahorka, Amek, Abandonment]

There’s not much music in the world that can do you what this Deffektegg piece can in just a bit over a minute. This track is the end of me, the world and everything. I fucking love it.

1. Aphex Twin – ‘AISATSANA [102]’ [Warp Records]

People are still arguing about the importance of ‘Syro’ while in the meantime I listen to ‘AISATSANA [102]‘ on repeat as it’s without a doubt the best thing he’s ever recorded.

So yeah, 2014 was rad. Over and out.

PS. If you’ve missed the new Grouper ‘Ruins’ just go for it. A definite #1 album for the year. It’s not here because for me it only works when played in its entirety.

Raya hijacks Angel’s post again: Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Best of 2014 posts! MORE TO COME!

P.S. Header photo by Veso.

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