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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Best of 2014: Top Tracks Selected by Funkusion, pt.2

Best of 2014 selected by Funkusion, pt.2
Raya Raycheva

Woot! We’re back with the second part of Funkusion‘s Best of 2014 selection.

Yesterday we posted the boogie don’s favourite tracks in the JAZZ – BEATSTRUMENTAL – EXPERIMENTAL – RAP category and today it’s time for the club with a playlist of over 20 HOUSE – GARAGE – DISCO – ACID tunes!

Once again, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a YouTube playlist that you can listen to and enjoy without a lot of fuss (did you know YouTube playlists embedded on another site don’t have adverts? AMAZING, I KNOW!).

For a track-by-track breakdown of the list – just scroll a lil’ bit. Note: One of the tracks was not on YouTube but you can find it in the very beginning of the list identified with a *.

Best of 2014: HOUSE – GARAGE – DISCO – ACID selected by Funkusion



1. * Bosq ft. Nicole Willis – ‘Bad For Me (Late Night Dub)’ [Ubiquity]


2. Luke Vibert – ‘Acrobot’ [Hypercolour]


3. Theo Parrish – ‘Footwork’ [Sound Signature]

[Here’s a post about that time Mo’ Fidelity went to a Theo Parrish live gig.]


4. Saine – ‘Matte’ (IMYRMIND Remix) [Odd Socks Records]


5. Romare – ‘Roots’ [Ninja Tune]

[Here’s our review post about Romare’s ‘Roots’/’Pusherman’ release.]


6. Floating Points – ‘King Bromeliad’ [Eglo]

[Here you can read a review of Floating Points; freshest release ‘Nuits Sonores’/’Nectarines’.]


7. Pender Street Steppers – ‘Openin’ Up’ [Peoples Potential Unlimited]


8. Leon Vynehall – ‘Be Brave, Clench Fists’ [3024]


9. Nachtbraker – ‘Alright’ [Dirt Crew]


10. Frits Wentink – ‘Shrewd’ [Heist]


11. Seven Davis Jr – ‘P.A.R.T.Y’ [Apron]


12. SBTRKT – ‘New Dorp, New York’ [Young Turks]

[This is our review of SBTRKT’s much discussed (and criticized) sophomore album ‘Wonder Where We Land’.]


13. Mercury – ‘In & Out’ [Spiel]


14. Murat Tepeli – ‘P.S.A. (Play Stop Acid)’ [Potion]


15. Julio Bashmore – ‘Simple Love’ feat. J’Danna [Broadwalk]


16. Titeknots – ‘Triangle Tracks’ [Tru Thoughts]


17. Max Graef – ‘N° 5’ [The Gym]


18. Doc Daneeka feat. Seven Davis Jr. – ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ [Ten Thousand Yen]


19. Snacks – ‘Purdie’ (Prosumer Remix) [Magic Jams]

[Prosumer-related post you can check out: Our review of his fabric 79 mix which also includes Murat Tepeli’s ‘P.S.A. (Play Stop Acid)’.]


20. goldFFinch – ‘Feather’ [Food Music]


21. Laurent Garnier – ‘ENCHANTé ‘ [Hypercolour]


22. Anthony Naples – ‘More Problem’  [The Trilogy Tapes]


Don’t forget to keep checking the Best of 2014 stream of posts for your daily dose of music goodness from the past year!

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