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mo' fidelity | December 10, 2018

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Best of the Week: 14 March, 2015 BEst of the Week - FKA Biggie Bjork Jungle
Raya Raycheva

It’s been an amazing and insane week and both of us almost forgot about the Best of the Week post. But not to worry – even though real life has intercepted online life (Finally! Been waiting for this to happen for so long!), we promise you can count on the weekly roundup even if it’s the only post of the week.

So let’s get going.

1. FREE DOWNLOAD: Terry Urban – ‘FKA Biggie’

I don’t know how this guy came up with that particular combination for a mash-up but my god, it works so well!

FKA Twigs meets the Notorious one in an 8-track ‘FKA Biggie’ free download featuring gems like ‘Who Shot Papi?’ and ‘Pendulum Story’.

Get it!


2. REMIXES: Jungle remixed by Zomby and Special Request

Now that it has happened, creating jungly remixes of Jungle songs seems like a no-brainer.

Paul Woolford’s Special Request persona remixed ‘Busy Earnin’ while Zomby took on ‘The Heat’ with a ’92 remix.

Very UK, very old skool.


3. VIDEO: Björk – ‘Lionsong’

I have a confession to make: I still haven’t listened to ‘Vulnicura’… I know this is unacceptable and I promise to fix it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Björk teamed up with Inez & Vinoodh for the video for ‘Lionsong’. Watch below!


4. FREE DOWNLOAD: Tame Impala – ‘Let It Happen’

Guess who’s back? Tame Impala. With a different sound and an almost 8-minute long track that Stereogum shared as a free download.

Tame Impala are on the line-up for this year’s Bestival and dear god, have you seen that line-up so far? It’s a beautiful thing… I’m definitely going to try to attend again. (Last year’s shenanigans can be found here.)


5. VIDEO: Tuxedo – ‘Number One’

Mayer Hawthorne is always at his best in videos when he goes for the lolz. As one half of Tuxedo, he now has a partner in crime in Jake One and the guys went for it in the video for the ‘Ain’t No Fun’-inspired ‘Number One’.

(It’s no secret that I’ve been getting progressively more annoyed at half-naked 18-year-old girls in videos for a while now and I’m not making an exception here. More humour and less short skirt/sports bra combinations next time maybe?)

Oh, yeah, I reviewed Tuxedo’s self-titled debut full-length here (spoiler: it’s super fun).

6. Oddisee – ‘That’s Love’

Time for hip hop. I first paid attention to Oddisee when I heard the fantastic ‘Clutch Shoot’ in the ‘Winter in Jakarta’ compilation.

This week the Maryland artist shared ‘That’s Love’ from his upcoming album ‘The Good Fight’ and it’s every bit as fantastic as you might expect.


7. Kornél Kovács – ‘Nordic Rave 4’

We’re featuring Kornél Kovács for a second week in a row and we’ll feature him again if something new comes up in the next week, for sure.

Mixmag premiered a new track from the Stockholm producer’s upcoming ‘Nincs’ EP  – hear it below.


8. BADBADNOTGOOD – ‘Boogie No. 69’

Jazz time.

Badbadnotgood’s new track comes in support of their SXSW gigs both solo and with Ghostface Killa.

9. Shura – ‘2Shy’

I’m still genuinely amazed by how Shura went from ‘Oh check out this new artist’s kissy video’ to ‘Shura has a new song everyone listen to it now’ but I mean, you go, girl, good for you.

Shura has a new song called ‘2Shy’ and yeah, listen to it. Very Phil Collins-y.

10. MIX: Anna Lunoe for The Fader

Aaaand let’s finish on a four-on-the-floor note, shall we? So that we can make sure everyone’s got something out of this post, yeah? (I love you all.)

Anna Lunoe made a ‘bass-oriented house mix’ for The Fader and answered a few questions here.


That’s it for today, guys.

Stay tuned for more reports from Horizon Festival from Nev, and I still have two more posts to write about LEAF London (that a big website may or may not decide to plagiarize at some point later on).

See ya!

P.S. Major thanks to Greg Wilson for sharing the ‘Back to the Future: UK Dance Music Culture Today’ feature and to everyone who read it and commented positively on it – writing it was a 2014 highlight and it’s amazing to see it revived again in 2015!

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