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mo' fidelity | December 10, 2018

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Best of the Week: 21 February, 2015 best of the week jon hopkins daniel avery scuba
Raya Raycheva

In breaking news this week: Blur will release a new album.

In news worth noting: A 2-year-old is now Mixmag’s favourite DJ and a 16-year-old Detroiter is running his own vinyl record label.

In non-breaking news: 24-year-old me is still unable to get a job (*must*resist*further*comments*on*the*topic*) but 24-year-old me still has an impeccable music taste. Oh, and I might be obsessed with Romare, like in an unhealthy way.

But let’s get on with the Best of the Week, shall we?

1. RADIO: Jon Hopkins BBC Radio 1 Residency with Four Tet

I’ve decided to commence the list with this baby because it’s Jon Hopkins and Four Tet and that should be enough of an explanation, really. I’d use cat gifs to express my love for these two but I’m not in the mood.

Listen to the programme on the BBC iPlayer here or, if you don’t have access to it, I’m sure that the great person behind the Core News Uploads channel on Mixcloud will have it up there soon.

jon hopkins bbc radio 1 residency

2. VIDEO: Scuba – ‘Why You Feel So Low’

Well, Scuba, it could be because I’ve spent several years in higher education – and smashing it, by the way – just to end up in an employment Catch-22, where I’m not suitable for the position because I don’t have enough experience but I can’t get experience because I can’t get a job? It could be, Scuba, one reason as to why I feel so low.

What I mean with all this is that Scuba has an album called ‘Claustrophobia’ coming up and ‘Why You Feel So Low’ is the first single from it. I was also trying to say that you can pre-order the album here  and, if you’re feeling generous, you can read our review of Scuba’s ‘Phenix 2’ EP here.


3. STREAM: Daniel Avery – ‘New Energy’ [Collected Remixes]

I’m gonna go ahead and predict that decades from now, when FutureFACT and MixmagStarTrek start compiling their Top 100 Tracks of The 21st Century lists, Daniel Avery’s ‘Naïve Response’ is going to be in there. Hard.

And then when they do a list for remixes, KiNK’s remix of Avery’s ‘Knowing We’ll Be Here’ is going to be in there too.

I am willing to go to Ladbrokes right this second. I may not be able to earn an honest paycheck at the moment but maybe my great-grandchildren can get some dough from otherwise-useless-granny’s music competence.

But in present day 2015, Daniel Avery has an album made out of remixes of his already modern classic ‘Drone Logic’. You can stream the whole thing on NotYetFutureFACT here and buy it on Beatport.



4. Suff Daddy – ‘Suff Gucci (Mane Remix)’

Is you depressollin’? Is you stuckinarutollin’? Is you despairollin’? Is you overshareollin’?

Bitch, I might be.

Bitch, I might be.

Bitch, I might be.

Bitch, I might be.

5. Skream – ‘Still Lemonade’ (Redshape Remix)

OK, so technically Skream’s ‘Still Lemonade’ should be another entry in and of itself because Mixmag uploaded it exclusively on Monday but this way we can squeeze two tracks in one slot.

Go listen to Skream’s original tune and read the Mixmag interview here. 

‘Still Lemonade’ is out on February 23rd on Crosstown Rebels.

6. Fink – ‘Pilgrim’ (Brandt Brauer Frick Remix)

Speaking of music that is about to be released on February 23rd, Fink is dropping a remix EP of ‘Pilgrim’ on Ninja Tune.

Listen to the Brandt Brauer Frick remix if you dare and pre-order the EP here.

7. FREE DOWNLOAD: Squarepusher – ‘Rayc Fire 2’

April 21st will see a new album by Squarepusher called ‘Damogen Furies’ via Warp. In the meantime, you can download a track from the release from

I would usually describe the track for you but I seem to be the only person in the world who is unable to download it. But don’t worry, I’m used to failure by now.

Shrug and carry on.

squarepushre new album warp

8. PODCAST: Rinse FM – Tri Angle Records with Björk, Holy Other and Celestial Trax

Don’t really have to comment on that one, do I?

9. PODCAST: Rinse FM – Jasper James, 17/2/15

Yes, I know I’m putting two Rinse FM shows in one Best of the Week post but it’s my choice and no one reads these anyway – at least no one who’s not’s other half and no one that I’m not currently sleeping with – so why am I explaining myself?

I’ve been in the process of becoming a Jasper James fan for a while now and, if you listen to the selection, you’ll see I’m right. YET AGAIN. And no, it’s not because I’m biased towards Glaswegians.

10. VIDEO: Dele Sosimi – ‘Na My Turn’

Dele Sosimi was a keyboardist for Fela Kuti‘s Egypt 80 (1979-1986) and bandleader for Femi Kuti‘s Positive Force (1986-1995), and is also the founder of his own orchestra.

‘Na Ma Turn’ is a political statement about the upcoming elections in Nigeria and Sosimi’s full statement about the message of the song can be read at OkayAfrica here.

I probably shouldn’t embed the video here as it’s a premiere so follow the link ↑ and it will take you to the video & song as well.

The album ‘You No Fit Touch Am’ will be out on Wah Wah 45s in May this year.



That’s all for this week. If you feel that I’m getting to too personal on this blog then CONGRATULATIONS – THIS MEANS THAT YOU’RE READING THIS POST COME GIVE ME A HUG AND LET’S BE FRIENDS.


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