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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Best of the Week: 7 March 2015

Nicky Siano best-of-the-week-7-march
Nevyana Boycheva

Good morning and welcome to another edition of our weekly roundup of the best tunes from the past 7 days. Scroll down to find some real jewels!


1. Toro y Moi – ‘Buffalo’

After releasing the superb Les Sins debut album last autumn Chaz Bundick again transforms himself as Toro y Moi, grabs the mic and melts our heart with this new track. His next album ‘What For’ will be released on April 7 on Carpark Records!

2. Tropics – ‘Blame’ (Machinedrum Remix)

We recently established how versatile an artist Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum is and here’s another proof: his banging trap-y remix of Tropics ‘Blame’.

3. FREE DOWNLOADS: Huxley – Blurred Demos

We loved Huxley‘s debut album ‘Blurred’ so much that we included it in our list of the top dance music albums of 2014. You can imagine how psyched we were to find these demos which didn’t make it onto the release as a neat playlist sitting quietly on his Soundloud account with a free download option. Some of them are amazing and we couldn’t possibly understand why they didn’t make the cut, but nevertheless, this is a very cool gift!

4. Kornél Kovács – ‘Utopia, Ohio’

Yours truly hadn’t heard of Swedish producer Kornél Kovács until yesterday but the dreamy groovy house of ‘Utopia, Ohio’ puts him right in the front of my list of favorite music dudes. The track is taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Nincs’ to be released on March 16. Can’t wait.

(Annoying Raya is here – this is the guy, who did the ‘Ivan’ track from the Jackmaster Mastermix aka the track I was obsessed with and singing to with made up words for weeks!)

5. Braille – ‘Better Than Nothing’ (ft. Angelica Bess)

This one comes straight from the Friends of Friends camp and is part of Braille‘s forthcoming LP ‘Mute Swan’ to be released on May 5.

6. Nosaj Thing – ‘Cold Stares’ ft. Chance The Rapper + The O’My’s

Nosaj Thing‘s third album will also be released on May 5 and judging by this trippy gem with Chance the Rapper we say it’s worth waiting for it.

7. MIX: Smelly Feet Records – Exclusive Mix #9 – Tooli

Nevermind the name, but the latest mix from Tooli is once again perfect for every occasion. Chilling at home – check, hanging out with friends – check, dancing in the club – check. Impeccable selection!

8. FREE DOWNLOAD: Yello – ‘Oh Yeah’ (Alkalino Rework)

Alkalino is among the Dons of the disco edit and we can’t stop jammin’ to his new rework of Yello‘s ‘Oh Yeah’! Happy vibes all over the place!

9. Portico – ‘Memory Of Newness’ ft. Jamie Woon

Portico have teamed up with Jamie Woon for this dark and slow gem from their upcoming album ‘Living Fields’ which will be released on March 30. Some time ago we included Jamie Woon in our list of artists who need to release new music and now it seems our prayers have been heard! Impatiently waiting for more!

10. MUST-LISTEN MIX: Nicky Siano Live at the Gallery, October 1976

Legendary New York DJ Nicky Siano has decided to celebrate his 60th birthday on March 21 with a smashing night dedicated to the his former musical home The Gallery. His present to all of us is a never-heard-before recording of him playing some amazing disco tunes at The Gallery in October, 1976. Head over to Wax Poetics to read more about the man, the club and the music and, you want to learn even more about those golden times of American dance music, read ‘Love Saves the Day’!

So this was our Best of the Week selection, if you enjoyed it, spread the love! <3

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