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mo' fidelity | December 14, 2018

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Best of the Week: 15 November 2014 Best of the Week 15 November 2014 free download
Raya Raycheva

It’s the middle of November, the weather’s going from blasting sunshine to pouring rain and darkness in the matter of minutes and Google Analytics says this blog’s sad situation might be picking up a lil’ bit.

Is it the sunshine or is it the rain? Is it the Top 10s or the super quality content? Is it the tweeting or the google-plusing? I still think cat gifs would help further the cause immensely…

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s top 10 musical happenings – once again, in no particular order but numbered. Because Buzzfeed says so.

1. FREE DOWNLOAD: Sango – ‘I1’ or ‘I Won’

We’re starting with a free download (and following with two more cause that’s how we roll)!

Sango mashed up samples from Kaytranada’s ‘Killa Cats’ and Mr. Carmack’s ‘Blackbirds’ and the result is a helluva trap kicker that is sure to make you move. There’s even a taste of kuduro at the end. Okay, I’m guessing that’s the influence because Sango seems to be a fan of the genre.

Listen and download, friendos!

2. FREE DOWNLOAD: J-Dub – ‘All I Feel’

This one is truly special, guys – it’s a free download from the Teklife x Hyperdub ‘Next Life’ compilation which we just reviewed and it’s a real beauty.

Awesome samples come together in this rather lyrical juke tune (Can I refer to a juke tune as ‘lyrical’? At least I didn’t say ‘laid-back’.)

Listen, download, and don’t forget to buy the compilation – all proceeds go to DJ Rashad’s young son!

3. FREE DOWNLOAD: Brackles – ‘Palos Y Piedras’


Electronic tunes with Latin influences? Yes, please. And you can download it for free from the good people at XLR8R.  What’s there NOT to be happy about?

 4. Desy feat. bcap – ‘Easy’

Nevy and I were recently discussing this blog’s agenda and we came to the conclusion that bringing you artists you wouldn’t normally know should be a priority.

Cue fellow Bulgarian Desy – singer, songwriter, DJ, one part of cult Bulgarian band Phuture Shock (you can read our interview with its co-creator Ramsey Hercules here) and one part of swing trio Sentimental Swingers… I know – a pretty busy lady!

Desy has a new song out on Music Clinic Records – an extremely soulful tune to sooth your ears, which you can listen to below.

5. VIDEO: Rustie feat. Redinho –‘ Lost’

Rustie’s ‘Green Language’ came out in August and now the collaborative track with Redinho (whose self-titled debut album we reviewed here) gets a video.

Main points: strobe lights, plants, talk-box. Oh, and you know – the fact that it’s a really good jam.

6. Bonobo – ‘Pelican’

Bonobo – aka the artist who Nevy and I have seen live approximately 400 times in 5 different countries, both together and apart – has an upcoming EP called ‘Flashlight’.

‘Flashlight’ is released on 1 December on, naturally, Ninja Tune and you can listen to the track ‘Pelican’ below.

7. Dusky – ‘Akebono’

After offering you five extremely varied in sound tracks to listen to on this Saturday morning, we’ve come to the point where we give you the kind of tune that can only be described as a banger.

Pure and simple.

This is Dusky’s ‘Akebono’ which will be released on 23 November, on 17 Steps.

8. Anderson.Paak – ‘Right There’

And now we have a Ta-ku-related track. Anderson.Paak’s ‘Right There’ is produced by Ta-ku and, as you will see once you hit ‘play’, is a brilliant song.

P.S. Listen to Anderson.Paak’s album ‘Venice’ here!

9. Robot Koch – ‘Let Me’ (feat. Curtain Blue and Born In Flamez)

Oh, this one’s beautiful. There’s no point of me explaining further than this when you can listen for yourself.

What I’m gonna say though is that our next podcast (to be posted at some point next week) is thematically dedicated to exactly that kind of beautiful and interesting sound. So stay tuned!

I’ll also tell you that Robot Koch’s new EP ‘Tsuki’ will come out in January 2015 on Modeselektor’s label Monkeytown.

10. Andreya Triana – ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ (Lapalux Remix)

We’re wrapping the week’s top 10 with this exclusive Lapalux remix of Andreya Triana’s ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ which was premiered yesterday by i-D magazine.

Triana’s ‘Everything You Never Had Pt.II’ EP comes out on Monday on Counter Records.

And that, folks, concludes one more week from our lives. That’s one less week on the slow and steady road towards death. Just in case you were feeling all positive and smiley today and needed someone to give you some executive realness. I’m that person. Always.

I’m very popular at parties.


If my type of morbid humour happens to be your cup of tea, you’re welcome to follow me on Twitter @rayaiam

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