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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Big Tiger – Ethernal (WTF is Swag x Myth-O-Lodge, 2015)

Big Tiger Ethernal cover
Nevyana Boycheva

The first time I heard of Big Tiger was in WTF is Swag‘s superb compilation Eat Dessert Only and their track ‘The Barefoot Dance‘ just blew my mind. I even remember playing it on a Thursday night party in Plovdiv and the effect was a spur of ecstatic emotions on those on the dance floor. But that’s because those were the right people.

Yes, Big Tiger‘s music is probably not for everyone. The two guys behind the project, Cyberian and Mojo Goro, seem to share a sonic aesthetic which is, basically pretty weird and at the same time not at all hard to relate to. They like to call it the Zone – more of a state of mind and a feeling rather than a genre which is characterized as a certain type of deepness that the song would have.

Ethernal‘ is every bit like this. The two tracks ‘Virtual Zone Temple‘ and ‘Magic Cross Forest’ sound nothing like conventional electronic music we’re used to and radiate a certain kind of warming mysteriousness to the outside world. They also sound quite mellow and even relaxing, even though ‘Virtual Zone Temple’ boasts a nice crispy jungle break. And this is something that is always bound to win my heart/ears.

Zone out into the virtual world of Big Tiger with this teaser and invite your friends over!

Big TigerEthernal drops today on both WTF is Swag & Myth-O-Lodge!

 WTF is Swag on Bandcamp

Myth-O-Lodge on Bandcamp

big tiger cyberian mojo goro

Just two best friends making cool music.

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