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mo' fidelity | December 10, 2018

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Breakbot, Greg Wilson, Irfane, Le Family Club @ XOYO, London

Breakbot, Greg Wilson, Irfane, Le Family Club @ XOYO poster
Raya Raycheva

It’s always a real thrill when a gig goes beyond being just a sum of its parts – the date, the venue, the artist, the audience. Going above and beyond and creating an effortlessly flowing and flawlessly intact music experience was exactly what Breakbot, Greg Wilson, Irfane and Le Family Club did on the 14th of February.

44 years after David Mancuso unknowingly gave the start of a new musical era with his “Love Saves the Day” Valentine’s day party, disco, its past and its future, were skillfully homaged and feverishly danced away last Friday at XOYO. Imagine this grumpy, anti-social, rarely dancing and always tired person (that would be me) actually closing the club and wondering where all the time went.

I would’ve taken notes, believe me, I had a flip notebook and a whole lot of enthusiasm but how could I when my feet couldn’t stop dancing? So excuse me but you’ll have to take my post-party-that’s-what-I-remember word for it.

The impeccable music selection spun across years and years of feel-good anthems. I distinctly remember being squished between two tall blonds during Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You” (I swear the two tall blonds are not the reason why I remember this so distinctly). Then I clearly remember Breakbot playing Todd Terje’s  gem “Strandbar” because it made me think how mind-blowing the month of April is going to be when we finally get a whole album by that man.

And then there’s Greg Wilson. I’ve been waiting to go to a Greg Wilson gig for a while and now that I live in this glorious city of London I plan on going to as many as possible. It’s not just his DJing that makes him so fascinating to me – it’s his brain. Anyone who has spent some time reading his analyses and commentary pieces on must have thought at one point “What an interesting person that Greg chap,ey!” As someone who finds the actual clubbing part of dance music a bit difficult (confined spaces, hoards of people and general social overload are not my forte), the other ways of experiencing it, including thinking critically about it, have in a way become my “clubbing”.

But let’s go back to distinctive memories. Another one would be Greg Wilson playing “Inspector Norse” and me thinking “Let’s just all accept the fact that that album is going to be everything in 2014.” Complementary to my obsession with the idea of the “Love Saves the Day” night in 1970 and every party at The Loft after that, the night/morning ended with Patrick Cowley’s classic 15-minute remix of “I Feel Love”. I just like to imagine what those tracks sounded like to unspoiled ears who had never heard anything that innovative and exciting before. Also, excuse me if I’m wrong about whether it was the Patrick Cowley remix but you should know that I’m going by my after-4-in-the-morning memory. I remember a synth, man… it just has to be it. I remember a synth and a whole lot of greatness.

So what would be the review of this gig in a nutshell? Love and dance music did save the day the way they have for decades and the way they will undoubtedly continue to do in the future. I hope that I can continue to be a part of their present.

Sincerely loving,

Raya (@rayaiam)

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