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mo' fidelity | December 10, 2018

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FaltyDL – ///I\II\\\\ (Ninja Tune, 2014)

FaltyDL I II Ninja Tune 2014 EP
Raya Raycheva

* Note: The title of the EP is ‘///I\II\\\\’, it doesn’t come out properly in the post title.

So we meet again, FaltyDL, and, let me tell you, it feels as intimate as last time.

The last time I spend a significant amount of time replaying Mr Lustman’s music was after the release of his ‘In The Wild’ LP. I made way too many sexual references and went as far as involving nuns and Sunday school punishment. I’ve never even been to Sunday school and/or been punished by nuns but I guess that’s my creative imagination at work.

But, I mean, what are you supposed to think about when you’ve been listening to a 5-minute-long, jungle-with-an-ambience track with a sample saying ‘Do me do me do me do me do me…’ on repeat for days? Who can resist the nuns, I ask?

Well, FaltyDL has a new EP out, which goes by the extra conventional name of ‘///I\II\\\\’, and I’m pleased to say that its sound continues the line of thinking, so naturally ignited by ‘In The Wild’. It’s moody, it’s atmospheric.

We have an expression in my widely unspoken native language – ‘to be in the movie’ or ‘to be in your own movie’ . It refers to that, very annoying to outsiders, state of being kind of out of touch with reality but rather functioning in your own self-scripted world or perceptions and reactions. So yes, I’d probably say that ‘///I\II\\\\’ feels like it can easily suck you into a movie.

‘///I\II\\\\’ consists of 8 tracks, three of them remixes. It kicks off with the unedited, original version of ‘Greater Antilles’ which then flows into μ-Ziq’s vision of ‘Rolling’. Brrd and E+E are the other two remixers who offer their own concepts for ‘Frontin’ and ‘Grief’ respectively.

I mentioned ‘intimacy’ in the beginning of this yet-another-out-of-control post and hey, we’re back to ‘Do Me’ – this time in FaltyDL’s own Bruk Mix. According to the Ninja Tune website, it features ‘vocal edits by his girlfriend’ and according to Lustman, ‘This one is for the kids’. Boom – intimate. Thank you Ninja Tune, FaltyDL and girlfriend, I live for this kind of voyeur shit and your contribution to my interests has been noted.

Then there’s a musical experiment in the face of ‘GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583’ while the ending is a piano-filled one with ‘M ///I\II\\\\’ being the more romantic cut and ‘P ///I\II\\\\’ being the creepier one.

Get FaltyDL’s ‘///I\II\\\\’ from the Ninja Tune shop and be assured that I’m totally fine mentally. Totally.

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