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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Slide & Get Diverted: Outside with Francois K, Greg Wilson & more @ Ministry of Sound, 26.07.2014

slide and get diverted francois k greg wilson outside ministry of sound francois k
Raya Raycheva

It was around the fourth hour of dancing in Ministry of Sound’s courtyard when I sat down to catch a break and rethink my decision to wear new shoes to an all-day dancing session, when I had a chat with a devoted party co-attendee named James.

A couple of drinks usually give me enough self-esteem to call myself a music journalist (“but… like… I’m starting out, I mean, I’m studying and I write this blog that no one reads, ehmm…”) and James rightly asked me “So how would you describe this party?”

“Classic” was my first response.



See, some of us young dance music snobs aficionados tend to complain a lot about our peers and their choice of behavior when it comes to clubbing. Add to that the amount of books we’ve read on the topic of the roots of dance music and imagine every time we go to a party and see a room full of extra white, extra straight lads and lasses, 19-year-old on average, seconds away from either starting a fight or puking on the ground… we end up wondering where’s the love, the respect, the moves, the good vibes, the idea that you can be absolutely anyone, look any way you want, dance any way you like and feel connected to a family of strangers with whom you have both nothing and everything in common.

Thankfully, once one lives in a place like London, their options widen immensely and such parties become a possibility. Not in the least because of the opportunity to have legendary venues host legendary DJs and be filled with the people who appreciate a whole, positive experience.

Last Saturday, July 26, Slide & Get Diverted presented us with a truly special all-dayer (followed by an all-nighter but I skipped that one) culminating with one such legend, one of the key figures that I’ve only gotten the chance to read about in those big books until now – Francois K.



Forgive my ramblings but when you’ve moved countries in order to devote yourself to your main interest in life, you get to ramble as much as you want. And when you’ve looked forward to a party for months, you get to ramble even more!

So “classic” was the word I chose. Because not only was the playlist filled with classics – edited, remixed , turned upside down and the other way around again – but so were the people. Everyone at that party was somehow different than the rest and when such level of variety is present, something very special inevitably happens  – perfect cohesion.

My party started with The Reflex since Saturday morning work (the best kind, eh) prevented us from going to the party from the beginning at 1pm. The afternoon continued with my long-time favourite Greg Wilson. And then it was time for Francois K.


slide and get diverted francois k greg wilson ministry of sound


Musical theme of the day – Michael Jackson. A whole lot of Michael Jackson. Which made me think just how much Michael Jackson is being played in sets and mixes and the answer is – not enough at all. What is wrong with you people? Play Michael Jackson all the time!

I made a couple more acquaintances other than James which only goes to show how much a friendly atmosphere can turn an antisocial hermit into a normal human being. The only thing I regret is not taking a photo with the man in chains and a rainbow speedo. I truly hope to see him at another party.

All in all, my feet may have been in blisters by the end of the day (and sure it was my own fault, okay!) but it was totally worth it.



Once again, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the tracks featured in this post. I’m going by whatever’s left in my memory and/or whatever I may have dreamed about when I went to bed after the party. However, I am 89% sure these tracks were played at some point and that feels like enough right now.


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