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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Freedom of the DJ | ep.7: ‘Sonic Sound’

Freedom of the DJ Sonic Sound episode 7 blu eCigs
Raya Raycheva

As you may have noticed, we’ve grown quite fond of blu eCigs web series exploring DJ culture and history in the UK.

‘Freedom of the DJ’ kicked off in August last year and we here on followed every episode with interest. Through ‘Freedom of the DJ’ we learned about Liverpool’s role in establishing dance music in the UK, the effect of London’t horrible property market on legendary venues, the rise and rise of live streaming, the journey of a tune from the studio to the club and the life of Brazilian DJ Marky on an island that has loved him for years and years.

Now we’ve come to the last episode which fittingly warps up the series with a back-to-the-roots theme, namely sound systems.

We’re reminded of the historical importance of the sound system from the days of The Loft and dance music pioneer David Mancuso in New York when DJs and sound engineers were inventing everything on the go and as a result created the basis of what we love and admire today.

Then we’re off to hear from the industry professionals – a super important angle that hasn’t been covered extensively before.

Just think about it – we spend endless amounts of time discussing DJs’ selections or mixing skills (or crappy attitude) and some of us are guilty of complaining about crappy sound at certain parties but when do we hear from the people creating the environment that makes it possible for us to dance our asses off or complain our asses off?

There’s also a discussion around the quality of digital formats DJs use and an adorably honest admission by Mark Knight that he doesn’t hear a difference if an mp3 is being played.

Check out all of the Freedom of the DJ episodes here and watch the final episode ‘Sonic Sound’ below.



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