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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Freedom of the DJ | ep.1: Introducing

Raya Raycheva

There’s a new web series in town, guys, and the subject is, of course, the only subject we discuss around here.

Cue ‘Freedom of the DJ’ – an eight-part documentary series that’s about to explore the history of DJing as well as the current realities of the trade with a focus on the UK scene, brought to you by blu eCigs.

Episode One, aptly called ‘Introducing’, features the likes of Greg Wilson, Zed Bias, Boddika, Moxie, Lone and more.

‘Introducing’ is setting the tone for the rest of the series and touches upon quite a lot of subtopics so I wonder if the future episodes will go in-depth on all of them.

The series also promises to give us insight on the scenes in Liverpool, London, Manchester and Bristol, the Superstar DJ and life on tour, and interestingly enough, on the topic of live streaming – something I’ve been quite invested in for rant-y personal reasons that I’ll probably talk about in the future.

Interesting story that’s not that interesting – I went to a launch party thing for blu eCigs a couple of months ago during my month of being part of the cool crowd (aka work placement at Mixmag). Skream was DJing, the food and drinks were impressive and I have a bunch of funky flavoured blu eCigs now. So, good stuff all around.

The point is, I guess the brand is really committing to the dance music thing and if it brings some well-made short films featuring some cool UK DJs and producers – I’m all for it.

We start off the episode where everything starts off – disco (and we’ve already pointed out the Essential Reading you need to do on the topic – ‘Love Saves The Day’). It then flows into a conversation about mixing, with great 1983 footage of Greg Wilson (and his perm) being the first person to mix on live TV on Jools Holland.

After that, it’s Chicago house and old school DJ Mike Knowler sharing his story of discovering house music on a trip to New York in 1986. Then we go into the dangerous territory of the topic of the Superstar DJ (currently reading Dom Phillips’s fantastic book Superstar DJs Here We Go!’ so expect an Essential Reading post about it soon. Update: that post is here now.).

We finish with a conversation on the hot topic of technology (and the ever-so-fetishized vinyl) and that’s it for episode one. As I said – many, many subjects were touched upon so I expect we’ll hear more in the future episodes.

Watch ‘Freedom of the DJ’ – Episode 1: ‘Introducing’ below.

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