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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Freedom of the DJ | ep.4: Live Streaming

Freedom of the DJ - episode 4 Live Streaming Mixmag Lab
Raya Raycheva

Well, ‘Freedom of the DJ’s latest episode was definitely a fun one to watch.

Given that during the beautiful year of 2014 I spent a total of a month and a half clicking away at Mixmag, it was a treat to see the episode dedicated to live streaming was shot at the Mixmag Lab, aka the world’s most famous office party.

It’s also funny that back in April I pitched a story about the importance and positive impact of live streams. It’s clearly a #HotTopic. Remind me to write a heartfelt comment on the issue here.

But I digress.*

So episode four introduces us to Tillie, Callum and Digby who run Mixmag TV and who are the people responsible for bringing you the party, not only from the Mixmag office, but also from all kinds of banging venues and events around the world.

There are also interviews with Labbers (I’m inventing new terminology, get into it.) such as Flight Facilities, Jonas Rathsman, Finnebassen, Crazy P, Kry Wolf and Submotion Orchestra.

Watch the full episode of ‘Freedom of the DJ – Live Streaming’ and acquaint yourself with the most unoffice-like office on the planet.

Then watch previous episodes here.


* I’m digressing totally on purpose. It’s just additional info for any potential employer who might be checking out my online presence. I want them to be like ‘She’s spent time in an office! She knows what a pitch means! She speaks English! She’s not a convicted Eastern European criminal**! She has a bonging bod AND a great sense of humour? HIRE HER IMMEDIATELY***!’

** Jury’s out on that one.

*** Kidding. Just send me the rejection email, I’m used to those already.

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