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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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GusGus @ Orpheus Studio, Sofia (11.12.2014)

Angel S.

Okay, I might have been ‘slightly’ excited about this show. At least the tickets – bought, like, 5 years beforehand – and the fact that I actually showed up almost the second when the venue doors opened might have indicated this.

So here I am at Orpheus Studio, a venue which saw a bunch of pretty nice events in 2014 with acts like Mount Kimbie and Nicolas Jaar. However, always suspicious about anything organizational in general as I am, I didn’t rush into being too happy about the fact that Sofia is finally seeing GusGus live. You know, so I don’t get pissed off for yet another time.

The reasonable delay of about half an hour was actually a rad choice because it gave a chance to The Science, who were opening the show tonight, to actually play in front of a good amount of people. Their fresh, well produced and intelligently structured music deserved that. From the first second of their set I finally felt calm that we’ll be having a good sound tonight. So, worry mode “off”. Big ups go to Andrey for yet another time.

the science live

The Science // photo by Contemporary Bohemians

The Science is a relatively new duo consisting of singer Nino Gomes and Martin, mostly known for his work as Soulslept. Their sound lingers between contemporary incarnations / sub-genres of electronic music.Not afraid to indulge in long ambiental passages and interludes, not afraid to slam us with punchy subs and raw bass intertwined with simple but heavy steppish rhythms either.

You can’t really label The Science and their music, because improvisation takes a huge part in what they do live. That however sometimes works out great while other times they kind of lose direction and you can guess that by observing the crowd.

It was exactly the crowd which was the main reason why at some point their set looked as if they lost some energy, because the audience was, I guess, anticipating a way more simple and aggressive music, not something that actually requires you to shut the fuck up and listen from start to end.


GusGus // photo by Contemporary Bohemians

A quick snort for the fat & short duo of office dickheads in front of me, then a well deserved quick piss for me and the lights are off to welcome GusGus on stage.

Biggi Veira and Maggi Lego, our analog music shamans for tonight are behind their machines and ready to spend the night covered in smoke, with lights pulsating over their dead serious faces. Okay, we get a sporadic waving of hands from time to time, when their music escalates sufficiently.

We don’t wait too long before the GusGus voices appear on stage as well. From then we’re in for a huge set and I mean that in all possible aspects. Mostly playing stuff from this year’s ‘Mexico’ and for a few times coming back to the ‘Arabian Horse’ hits, GusGus are loud, catchy and in full control of the thousands of people in front of them.

When they want us to calm down we do it, when they want us to go insane… well that’s just a kick drum and a harsh analog bass away. Time loses its meaning and so does everybody around me.

Shit, I’ve been waiting for this show and damn it’s happening and actually already finishing.

GusGus are perfect, but in their own way. They play around with the songs, modulate their structures, build up tension and unleash their magic in a sadistically crafty way. They’re not afraid to expose us to extreme volume, they’re not hesitant to get distorted and lost in reverb and delay. They own us tonight and I’m sure they’ll keep our hearts from quite some time.

Well played, you fucking Icelanders, well fucking played.

All photos used here, taken by Contemporary Bohemians

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