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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Horizon Festival 2015 Part 1: Saturday, March 7

pearson sound horizon festival 2015
Nevyana Boycheva

Last weekend was a very eventful one for your two favourite bloggers. While Raya was busy making friends with Nile Rodgers, I made my way to Bulgarian ski resort Bansko to attend the third edition of Horizon Festival.

Horizon Festival is currently one of the very few events in Bulgaria, and the only one of its size, where the local electronic music aficionado could enjoy some of the acts that are rocking the venues located in Western direction. The main reason being that the event is organized by British promoters for British fans of raving and skiing, something that Bansko is perfect for.

horizon festival 2015

Nevertheless, locals are more than welcome and the event organisers do their best in terms of offering tickets on considerably more affordable prices for the few Bulgarians who dare to enjoy a trip to the mountains spiced up with a few contemporary dance music acts. Still, there were very few of us and basically, we all knew each other (no, the country is not that small).

We got to Bansko on Saturday evening (March 7), after a long and exhausting journey but upon entering the small mountain town, the excitement started quickly building up. While some parts of the country were completely cut off from the rest of the world due to the excessive snow, the situation in Bansko was completely different. The town was buzzing with festival goers and other tourists making their way through the snowy streets to collect their passes, drink cheap local beers and dance to the sounds of both Bulgarian and foreign acts who opened this first day of the week-long festival.


Snowy Bansko.

Sofia-based DJs and promoters Reel Feel hosted a night at club Oxygen with some of the capital’s finest talent. A few hundred meters away at a venue named Jack’s House, David Kennedy aka Pearson Sound made an hour-and-a-half long set showcasing the serious sound of his debut full-length along some additional selection with the occasional acid flair or an 808 feel to keep the audience’s attention intact. Two words describe his set best: pure fire.

When you lose yourself to the sound of one of the hottest underground British DJs in a club full of British fans located in an area of your country which you seldom visit (not because it’s not a nice one!), it’s quite easy to forget where you actually are. Or who you are for that matter. After all, that’s what dance music is about – losing your identity and merging with the crowd drawing your energy from the collective energy. And all this is fueled by the strength of the thumping kicks and snares, groovy bass lines and invasive synths.

pearson sound horizon festival 2015 1

An ‘artistic’ shot of Pearson Sound doing his thing. It really is him.

pearson sound horizon festival 2015

And another one.

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