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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Horizon Festival 2015, Part 2: Sunday, March 8

horizon festival 2015 day 2 horizon festival 2015 mountain creek (2) on unit horizon festival 2015
Nevyana Boycheva

This is the second and last installment in our Horizon Festival 2015 story. It’s a story of hedonistic experiences combining people’s passion for electronic music with the one for winter sports. And all this happens to take place in a picturesque location with more than affordable prices. Seems like the perfect deal, ain’t it?

It is. And where the deal really strikes as one that could not be passed on is not in the clubs, but on the slopes. The Mountain Creek was Horizon’s outdoors stage located right next to the ski track, the perfect place for skiers and snowboarders to relax after an exhausting ride to the sounds of some of the best artists out there such as Craig Charles, Submotion Orchestra, Fatima & The Eglo Band and, of course, KiNK, the don.

Craig Charles was the one we got to see at this rather snowy but surprisingly not that cold venue. His set started at 17:00 on Sunday afternoon, and staying there underneath the heavily falling snow listening to the warm sounds of funk and soul gems, I couldn’t think of a better place to be.

The BBC 6 Music presenter was pouring his soul into this 2-hour long set and judging by the fact that he was singing every song he played from beginning to end, one could assume that he had a blast as well. As an indisputable proof I attach this short (and not very professional) video made with lots of love in which you could see how much fun everybody had up there and how the man behind the decks is singing Marvin Gaye‘s ‘Sexual Healing’ while Hot 8 Brass Band‘s cover echoes in the heart of Pirin Mountain.

After finally leaving we went back to town on foot among pine trees as high as the sky, bent down from the weight of the excessive amount of snow, chilled a bit for a few hours and after the batteries were charged we were headed to club Oxygen to witness the Metalheadz takeover hosted by Joe Raygun.

The venue was absolutely packed (but in all fairness it’s not particularly big) with drum & bass heads dancing their crazy dances to the energetic beats. The artist who was particularly exciting for us to hear was, of course, Om Unit, a relatively recent addition to the Metalheadz roster but quite an impressive one. Especially judging from his latest release on the legendary record label, which we reviewed some time ago.

His set was impressive from the very start: Jim Coles opened with DJ Rashad‘s ‘Drop Juke Out’ and whether it was an accidental match or he knows that the sample in the track is from a Bulgarian folklore song, it felt good. Even if he did know, I’m sure there weren’t more than five people in the room who did since even the nerds at don’t have this information. So, you’re welcome.

Soon the time came to move to another venue where Paleman, the young producer who released the super cool ‘Beezledub’ on Swamp81‘s sublabel 81 was about to go onstage after label mate Benton surprised us with a few UK garage favourites in the end of his set.

Paleman‘s selection was built entirely of sinister fast-paced four-on-the-floor beats and it wasn’t very difficult for those to make almost everybody dance. Here, have a taste:

Head over to to Horizon Festival’s Facebook page to check out some way cooler photos of the whole event! See you next year at Horizon Festival 2016!

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