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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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New on the Map: Keistep

Nevyana Boycheva

You know how mo’fidelity is all about the newest and coolest sounds? Well, today we’d like to present an artist that fits both descriptions perfectly – he’s new on the music map, but he’s cool as hell.

We’re talking about Keistep – a house producer and DJ hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece but residing in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv for the past 4 years while studying law.

What did you learn so far about the guy except that he’s chosen a tough occupation? I know that’s not what’s really interesting for the music fans, you actually want to know what he sounds like. If so, listen to “L’essenziale” which was included in our Best of the week selection about two weeks ago.



Pretty cool, huh? Keistep started producing at the age of 15 when a friend from a rock band taught him a bit about electronic music, music theory and computer software for music production. Like most of the other talented producers out there Keistep doesn’t have any formal music education and that’s no surprise to anybody who’s ever been into any kind of electronic music.

The fact that many people around me used to have music education forced me to get involved more and more and try harder”, says Keistep.

His main music influences are Dale Howard, Audiojack and the Gruuv label in general, but what actually inspires him when creating music are his friends and his everyday life. The only track he’s released on a record label so far is a (really cool) bootleg of The xx’ ‘Angels’ on Fly Eternally.

He has bigger plans for the future in this direction but he says that he’s not ready yet because the evolution of his sound is still an ongoing process.

Now take a break from reading and listen to the brand new track that Keistep made exclusively for mo’fidelity‘s purposes! Oh, and it comes with a free download, too.



Since he’s been residing in Bulgaria for the past years, he’s no stranger to the music scene there as well, no matter how small it is. Artists and projects he likes include the folklore dubstep trio Balkansky, space-hop ambassador Infragreen, Plovdiv’s newest party squad Melformator, the electronic monsters from No Crew and one of the first hip-hop DJs in the country – DJ SKILL.

What he says about the music scene in Bulgaria compared to his own country is that in the former it’s easier to get involved, while in the latter you have to know a lot of people. In Bulgaria he quickly became a part of Plovdiv’s local club scene by being given a monthly residency in one of the hottest underground venues Gramophone – a club constantly trying to promote quality music and talented artists.

And he definitely is one such artist. Follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook and stay tuned!

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