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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Lomovolokno – At Least Never Remixes (Mad-Hop, 2014)

Nevyana Boycheva

Since Lomovolokno’s superb debut album ‘At Least Never’ came out in December 2012, I’ve always associated the sound of it with the coldness and grayness of the winter season. Weird personal associations aside, there is nothing warmer than the whisper of female vocal samples scattered around the release or its crunchy beats and soft synths.

Bottom line is, I like Lomovolokno’s ‘At Least Never’ very very very much and I was delighted to hear that the guys at Mad-Hop have put together a remix album for the second anniversary of the release. It includes reworks from various underground beatmakers around the world who have made their best to bring ‘At Least Never’ back to life and back into our ears.

I happen to pay a special attention to remixes, because I’ve always loved the way that a track could be re-imagined through someone else’s vision and take on a new life in a different form. The ‘At Least Never Remixes’ album feels surprisingly homogeneous in terms of sound, like a proper album should, even though this one was created not by one person but by 11 people.

Yes, maybe the answer is the obvious fact that what’s uniting these 11 people in the release is the original sound of Lomovolokno. All of them managed to recreate the tracks on the album in a very enjoyable way: by preserving quite a lot from the ‘old’ sound and adding just the right amount of new elements to keep the listener interested – a different beat here, or a rearranging of the melody there, or a totally new production with the sonic features.

Lomovolokno Remixes 2014 (Teaser Video) from Mad-Hop on Vimeo.

Yosi Horikawa’s remake of ‘G’ definitely got my attention with its laid-back groovy sound and Rémo‘s take on ‘OverlayStar’ impresses with the its swirling synths, while SertOne tranforms ‘Crusted Space’ from a mellow trip-hop track into a real banger. Really, all the tracks are great, there just isn’t enough space to mention each and every one separately.

But the winner of my heart is the gorgeous trap remake of ‘G’ by Gillepsy. Trap seems to be following me everywhere these days and while I find most of it rather boring and plain stupid, there is still a part of the genre which excites my soul. This track is definitely of such kind with its clean production and powerful compositions.

This divine Christmas present will drop next week, 18 December on Mad-Hop’s Bandcamp.

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