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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Lynch Kingsley – Make Your Love EP (Beat Machine Records, 2015)

Lynch Kingsley Make Your Love EP
Nevyana Boycheva

There’s something very special about the jungle sound. Maybe it’s the energy, maybe the tempo, maybe it’s the rawness and roughness, but something in this signature for UK dance music genre has always grabbed my attention.

Jungle is nice, and especially old school jungle circa ’93, but do you know what’s even better? The marriage of jungle and juke/footwork, the naughty child of Chicago’s ghetto house. Whether we’re allowed to talk about a jungle revival or not is apparently a matter of opinion, but one thing is certain: the melting pot of sounds and influences sculpted by artists like Machinedrum (in his Vapor City and Vapor City Archives) and German producer Ticklish is an impressive affair. And now we’ve got another name to add to the imaginative bunch of producers shamelessly playing with genres only to confuse us writers in our reviews.

The name is Lynch Kingsley, an Italian producer, whose music is as difficult to pinpoint, as it is exciting and innovative. He has an upcoming EP on Milan-based independent record label Beat Machine Records, titled ‘Make Your Love‘, which is simply banging.

Lynch Kingsley Make Yout Love EP back

The EP kicks off with ‘Lethal‘ or also known as ‘more than seven minutes of smashing goodness’. This track just has it all – the fat bass line, the classic amen breaks, the enchanting and cinematic synths, you name it. What makes it shine though are the devastating diversity and total lack of consideration for any existing rules. With its constantly changing heavy breaks and surprising drops ‘Lethal‘ is what someone unacquainted with the genre would deem as ‘cacophony‘. I, on the other hand, as a fan would say that it is sounds like these that keep my blood pumping. So, thank you, Britain, for inventing them and thank you Lynch Kingsley.

Lethal‘ kills it, but the real winner is the title track which leans a bit more on the juke/footwork side of things and regulars to this website would know that we adore the off-kilter beats from Chi town. The repetitive female vocal sample soothes things a bit but that’s only until the jungle breaks make their appearance on the scene, carefully garnished with ringing percussion and a sweepingly thick bass line. Gorgeous.

This goody is followed by a remix by none other than the current don of all-things UK style, Om Unit. His take on ‘Make Your Love’ is darker than the original and reminds one of his latest release, the drum & bass extended EP Inversion on the legendary label Metalheadz.

Overall, Lynch Kingsley‘s Make Your Love EP is a release for those who enjoy their beats fast and their bass heavy. It’s out on February 23 exclusively via Beatport and the vinyl drops on the official release date which is March 9. I hope I got you excited about it!

While waiting, why don’t you check out the producer’s superb addition to Beat Machine Records’ mix series?

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