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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Marshall Jefferson & Todd Terry @ The Forum, London (10.10.15)

marshall jefferson todd terry the forum london october 2015
Raya Raycheva

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Yes, two of the big guys, the Godfathers, the OG dons of house music under one roof – that was last night for us at The Forum in Kentish Town, where we danced until the venue closed under the sounds of Marshall Jefferson and Todd Terry.

Where do I start with this?



First of all, THE TUNES. We can all agree that there have been some serious and seriously good tracks made in the late 80s/early 90s and I know that we all have our occasional evening spent on YouTube and Soundcloud, making a playlist of classics and thinking about ways to transport ourselves to those times for just one night of old school partying.

Boom! Transported.

The amount of hits from that era is truly astonishing – tracks that exist in a rather mainstream sphere but that unlike mainstream hits today, have stood the test of time and can sound as current as ever.



Second, THE PEOPLE. Everyone who partied 20+ years ago to the sounds of Marshall Jefferson and Todd Terry had come out to party some more last night. Club culture is by default a youth culture and can feel very ageist but, contrary to popular opinion, clubbers and ravers don’t turn into pumpkins after a certain age.

About 80% of the crowd last night was made out of the guys who used to drive around the M25, stopping at phone booths and calling secret numbers to find out where the rave is. It was an absolutely smashing atmosphere filled with such good and genuine vibes.



At one point I made a joke about all the babysitters in Surbiton finding themselves double booked on the night but then I realised that some people had actually come with their old-enough-to-be-partying children and that was just brilliant.

To see a group of siblings dancing with their parents and taking videos of their mum losing her shit to her favourite tunes at 3.30am is priceless! Not to mention the excited reactions that every particularly favourite track got out of the crowd – every shout backed up by what I imagine is a sweet backlog of good memories.

It was a party vibe that I’ve never really experienced before – unpretentious, completely not caring about how you look and how you dance and how you’re dressed and who you’re suddenly finding yourself singing the chorus to ‘Finally’ arm in arm with. No fucks given.



The only thing I would’ve probably changed was the size of the venue – The Forum is a gorgeous building but it felt too big for a throwback sound and party. A more club-y and darker place would’ve felt more suitable for me but maybe that’s just my still-craving-dark-basements age speaking.

Let’s discuss it again in a couple of decades time when we take our kids to a Jackmaster party, he drops ‘Pantalon’ and we show the babies how we used to do it in our time!



Raya – @rayaiam


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