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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Nevyana Boycheva

Our soul purpose in this blog is to highlight our favorite artists, those people that we suspect you might not have heard of but we believe you definitely should.

That’s why here we’d like to present a DJ collective whose sole purpose in life is to give Bulgarian club goers the ultimate audio-visual experience. The name is Melformator and make sure you remember it because even though they were formed in the small city of Plovdiv they’re quickly taking over the capital Sofia as well. We couldn’t help but wonder, what’s the next stop?

Only time will tell, but I’ll tell you something else. Melformator‘s main idea is to unite like-minded people and the guys successfully do so by playing tunes that very few people in this small Eastern European country would. Their DIY aesthetic and endless enthusiasm for playing cutting edge electronic music to those interested in it, are truly impressive for young music lovers, as well as for both aspiring and already established DJs.

Bassи Damageът by Мелформатор on Mixcloud

Behind the Melformator name there are five DJs: ATNS, Саюлке, waysie, Mironov and Phlip. It’s no easy feat to coordinate such a music affair with so many people involved, each with their own style and taste in music. Melformator, however, do it well because the guys share a common vision of what an enjoyable club night is. And judging by the fact that their parties rarely end before 6:00 am, their efforts are more than appreciated by the fans.

Тheir special weapon, however, is the visual artist nemko-fi, who always manages to teleport the audience into a parallel universe of colours and images. And when both the eyes and the ears are occupied, then one can fully immerse in the party atmosphere.

If you’re in the area you can enjoy the Melformator experience this Friday (06.03) in Sofia at Underground gallery/studio in Zona Cultura. More info here.

Like Melformator on Facebook and don’t forget to follow them on Mixcloud so you don’t miss their regular mixes!

melformator logo

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