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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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4 Comments Podcast #009: The Golden Era of Bass
Nevyana Boycheva

The time has come to present you with another installment in our podcast series. Number 9 aims at representing the many different facets of contemporary dance music spanning a period of around 5 years from 2009 to 2014. We dare to say that this time could be deemed as a Golden Era during which the sound of non-mainstream electronic music has evolved, crossed-over to the dark side, come back and turned to its roots transforming influences and inspiration through the eyes of innovation.

It’s the post-dubstep era, the end of Simon Reynolds’ hardcore continuum in which the UK electronic music has seen a steady development through various stages with the sound changing but the main players staying the same. The beginning is in the early 90s with hardcore rave, the story continues with jungle and drum & bass, 2-step, grime, bassline, dubstep… and then what? What happened afterwards was, and still is, a period of immense creativity and original ideas, confusing everybody and forcing fans and journalists to come up with broad genre names such as ‘future garage’ and ‘post-dubstep’ or ‘art-house’. Or as some people prefer to call it, simply ‘bass music’.

Whatever genre label you prefer, if you’re into the sounds mentioned above, you’ll definitely enjoy our podcast. Inside you’ll find some classics and some brand new masterpieces from established names like FaltyDL, Caribou(and Daphni), Burial, Jamie xx, Dark Sky, 1000 names and Recondite, as well as plenty of more recent talents like Jarreau Vandal, Romare and Infragreen.

Just sit back and relax as we’ll take you back and forth in time through some of contemporary dance music’s finest moments. Podcast #009: The Golden Era of Bass by Mofidelity.Co on Mixcloud

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