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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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2 Comments Podcast #011: Hotel Mo’Fidelity Podcast #011 - Hotel Mo'Fidelity
Raya Raycheva

Just a day after Mixcloud sent us an email nudging us to upload something, and there you have it – podcast #011 aka Hotel Mo’Fidelity.

If the look of the podcast – the name, the cover, the tracklist – seems a bit unexpected to you, that’s because it is. I’m taking a lief from Stéphane Pompougnac‘s book with this one because… well, to be honest, it’s because the last couple of podcasts I made were so uppity-house-banger-four-to-the-floor-hands-in-the-air-drink-in-hand-y that I just want to chill. (Thank God, Nev makes way more presentable podcasts or we might gain the wrong reputation.)

Point is, this is a very different podcast – it’s not even a mix per se but rather a sequence of random but good songs that go from Thievery Corporation to the Stan Getz-Joao Gilberto-Astrud Gilberto bunch, passing by Lone, Royksopp, Moodymann, even Lou Reed and even-even Easy Star All Stars.

But the Hôtel Costes reference is not the only hotel reference I had in mind. Time for over-sharing: I haven’t been back to the homeland (Bulgaria) in one year and five months. While I’m not particularly homesick (not a big fan of the place), there are some quirks I do sometimes miss. One of them is the glorious time Nev and I always have at glamorous and bohemian (*wink*wink* I’m letting you have this one) Yana’s apartment, which is in a building attached to a hotel. Affectionately called Hotel Yana, the flat and the dinners we have there – usually enriched by a whole bunch of other extremely well-adjusted young women and their existential lolz – are just what the doctor ordered.

So think of this podcast as a promise that 2015 might be the year in which Raya finally visits the motherland for a week or two – the mix is intended as our background music for that occasion. I’ll be making inappropriate jokes, while Nev is cooking and subsequently whining that something doesn’t look the way it was supposed to be and Yana will be standing by the oven – cigarette in one hand and wine glass in the other – saying ‘Sunshine, everything looks fine, stop it.’

One time at Hotel Yana we were supposed to go out but none of us really wanted to face the outside world so we took out the coffee table and the chairs out on the balcony and spent the evening/night there because ‘sunshine, technically speaking, we went out and we are out at the moment.’

Cheers, sunshines. This one’s for y’all.


The Sunshines Podcast #011: Hotel Mo’ Fidelity by Mofidelity.Co on Mixcloud

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