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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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No Comments Podcast #012: The Love Edition podcast love edition
Nevyana Boycheva

After Raya’s podcast from last week which was dedicated to past memories, future promises, wine and hotels, the inspiration in my soul reached the boiling point and the result is a brand new podcast!

This one has been sort of in the making since October but I was wisely advised by my co-blogger and soul mate to save this selection of goodies for the month of love and the day when people’s feelings supposedly reach an artificially created climax.

So this podcast is all about love. It’s about butterflies in the stomach, sex, desires, disappointments and romantic summer nights under the nectarine tree. It’s also about beats, UK bass and crunchy electronic music. Almost all of the tracks are ‘old news’, simply all-time favorites united around the topic of love: the love that we have for each other and of course the love we feel towards the music!

Enough with the cheesy expressions, sit back and enjoy our love mix, perfect for love making, wine drinking and fancy dining!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Podcast #012: The Love Edition by Mofidelity.Co on Mixcloud

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