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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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One Comment Podcast #013: САЮЛКЕ (Melformator)

Nevyana Boycheva

As you may have noticed, we’ve been kind of absent in the past weeks. This time it’s not out of laziness though, it’s because of becoming serious adults who are so psyched about their new jobs that they even work on weekends.

However, we just had to find some time to present you with our latest guest mix, which comes courtesy of Саюлке (‘Sayulke’) from the audio-visual collective Melformator. You may remember that we put up a little write-up about these multitalented guys (and now girls as well) in the beginning of March just before their party in Sofia.

Now the second installment of the party series Melformator at the Factory is coming up on April 30 (Thursday) in a location to be announced and the great thing about it is that ATNS, waysie & Саюлке will be joined by two of Bulgaria’s finest producers – Infragreen & Stephan Panev.

Although quite different from each other, the two successfully represent the variety in the otherwise quite small electronic music scene in Bulgaria. While Infragreen‘s sound is pretty chill, spaced out and funky, Stephan Panev has his feet deep in the roots of techno. One thing is certain, you won’t be disappointed!

Enough babbling for now, I’ll leave you with САЮЛКЕ‘s energetic mix which could be played below. See you on Thursday and bring your dance moves! Podcast #013: САЮЛКЕ (Melformator) by Mofidelity.Co on Mixcloud

Some useful links:

Infragreen @ Soundcloud

Stephan Panev @ Soundcloud

Саюлке @ Mixcloud

Melformator @ Mixcloud

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