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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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One Comment Podcast #015: Nicooly (That Divine)

That divine at the pool 2
  • On July 28, 2015

That Divine represents a bunch of creative youngsters associated with event management in the field of the electronic music scene. The project, founded in 2013 by Yosif, Boyan and Pavel, now consists of seven people and is quickly growing. That Divine’s mission is anything but simple: to create a community associated with better music values, diversify the underground house music scene in their hometown of Varna and in the whole country, and to educate audiences in style and taste. The name stands for That Divine People: “people who love the playful electronic music and the positive atmosphere our guests and residents create on our events.”

Their preferred party locations range from small and cozy unexploited underground venues to spacious halls with plenty of acoustics and isolated beaches. On August 1 they send a prominent representative – Nicooly – to take over Plovdiv for the first time in a massive event, hosted by Melformator and Under the LineAt the Pool 2. Nicooly has agreed to share with mo’ fidelity an exclusive mix and a few thoughts: Podcast #015: Nikooly (That Divine) by Mofidelity.Co on Mixcloud

What do you listen to when you want to take a break from electronic music?

I like going back to my favorite artists from when I was younger:  Gotan Project, Erykah Badu, Chemical Brothers, Gorilaz. Those are some of the artists that took great part in forming my taste. Sometimes I kick back with Ray Charles, Nancy Sinatra, Gregory Porter, Lisa Shaw, Amy Winehouse.

What is the worst mistake a DJ can make during a set?

To me the most important thing is how you handle your gear, exploiting it according to its capacity and abilities. And as for what type of mistakes “the entertainment” makes – that highly depends on experience and taste. 

What are you favorite DJs at the moment and why?

Hector Couto, Phill Weeks, Raffa FL, NTFO, Truth Be Told, just to name a few. I like how they implement old-school elements in their modern-day productions. To my ears it sounds like a very pleasing contemporary tech-house. My love and inspiration for house music come from DJs and producers like Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, JT Donaltson, Derrick Carter, DJ Mes, Sound Republic, Asad Rezvi. I am glad to see similar style from some of the present-day artists.

Do you find any negative aspects in the electronic culture today?

I wouldn’t call it negative aspects, maybe just flaws. In the past electronic music had fewer fans but they were more sincere. Nowadays there are lot of listeners, the interest is very high, but it seems the quality of listening has lowered. 

How do you define your style and what can we expect on August 1?

I enjoy playing dynamic old-school tech house with jackin elements. On August 1 you should get ready for a lot of waves at the pool and a lot from That Divine People 🙂

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