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mo' fidelity | December 10, 2018

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No Comments Podcast #010: Peter Skoog 2014

peter skoog podcast
Nevyana Boycheva

This month’s podcast is a special one because the tenth edition in our series is also our first guest mix. It’s courtesy of Peter Skoog, a gifted Bulgarian DJ and a passionate record collector based in Varna, Bulgaria.

While he is currently spinning records in various venues all around the small Eastern European country, he has spent a big part of his life in Iceland where he made his first steps as a DJ when he was 14 years old. Soon after that his career took off: he started playing at various venues in Reykjavik and was a regular guest on a dance music radio show on the national Icelandic radio.

After spending some time in Spain as a resident in the famous Pacha clubs, now he’s blessing Bulgaria’s party goers with impeccable mixing skills and an inspiring selection of tunes covering a plethora of genres and moods.

The mix he cooked for us is almost an hour full of jazzy and groovy house vibes which came out during 2014 so even though this is not exactly a ‘best of’, it seems quite fitting to have it at this time of the year. The cracking sound in the very beginning leads us to think that the whole thing was recorded on vinyl, so have in mind that you’re in for a treat.


1. Ron Trent – 7th Haven (Tribute to the energy of Frankie Knuckles)
2. Stefan Ringer – MUYM (KZR Rework)
3. O B Ignitt – Chocolate City (Uncle Jame’s Mix)
4. Four Walls + Funky Jaws – Jazzy Things
5. Harvey Sutherland – Bamboo
6. MD – CAB500
7. Stefan Ringer – Lust
8. O B Ignitt – My Last Reese Cup
9. S.A.T – She Was
10. Lapien – My Obsession
11. MD – Soul Factory

Check out Peter Skoog‘s project Disconfusion on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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