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mo' fidelity | December 14, 2018

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Recondite – Iffy (Innervisions, 2014)

Nevyana Boycheva

If you’re not yet acquainted with the sound of Lorenz Brunner, you should quickly correct this mistake. Especially if you’re into a certain type of soothing ambient techno which massages your ears and aligns your thoughts together better than anything else.

A rather abrupt introduction, I know. That’s just because I can’t wait to tell you about Recondite‘s third LP which came out in the beginning of this week via Innervisions.

Soothing, chilling, dark, beautiful and atmospheric – that’s just a fraction of the adjectives Iffy’ and Recondite‘s music in general could be described as. Brunner is not your average techno producer: hailing from Germany he probably knows all about the genre or at least enough to be able to twist its mechanical, raw and lifeless sound into an inspiring fairy tale full of emotions.

I wasn’t acquainted with the sound of Recondite until very recently but upon hearing his superb LP ‘On Acid’ from 2012 I was immediately intrigued by how different his techno feels compared to most of the techno you hear nowadays. I used the word ‘feels’ on purpose, because every note in Brunner‘s compositions is so carefully and strategically arranged that it elicits thoughts, emotions and dreams in the listener.

‘Iffy’ will help you escape. It will help you escape everything, even yourself. It will conquer your mind and almost hypnotize you with its ambience. Can we say the sound is laid-back (it seems both me and Raya love this word)? Sure. It’s been a long time since I last heard electronic music which is not cluttered with various elements but leaves enough space for them to breathe.

A lot of the tracks in the dance music category share their messages with the listener in a loud manner almost as, if they were people, they would be shouting and screaming. We usually call those bangers.

Well, ‘Iffy’ is not one of them. It feels more like a whisper in your ears, like an invitation to a parallel universe where everything is much simpler than in the real one. Except the sounds. Which are still banging though, don’t get me wrong. Crisp beats, thick bass lines, field recordings and enchanting melodies, all of this in a tempo much slower than the normal one for techno which is usually around 130-140 bpm.

If you’re looking for a quick satisfaction in a tune, then you won’t find this in Recondite‘s music and not in ‘Iffy’ for sure. Although the tracks here are a bit shorter compared to his previous releases (the gorgeous 9 minutes and 39 seconds long ‘Tie In’ for example), they develop gradually and in a way, take their time. So you have to be patient. I’m not. I’m a person with a very short attention span and yet Lorenz Brunner‘s music manages to mesmerize me into delving deeper and deeper into his beautiful sonic landscapes.

Get it from here.

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