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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Scurrilous – Marmite (Foreign Language Records, 2015)

Nevyana Boycheva

Acid is a very special sound for most dance music junkies. Created almost by mistake with Roland’s bass synthesizer TB-303 Bass Line, in a way, acid symbolizes the whole DIY aesthetic of the early house days.

This magic sound is still, of course, alive and it’s always a pleasure to hear it neatly tucked into a track with a more contemporary feel, whatever contemporary means. For if you listen to your favorite house gem from the past three years, all the important elements that make you head to the dance floor, are actually pretty much the same in your favorite house gems from the 80s – the groove, the ringing 808 samples, the acid synths.

That is, of course, if you have favorite house gems from the 80s. I, for example, am pretty much obsessed with those.

I’m also obsessed with the newer house stuff and that’s why when I came across Scurrilous‘ new EP ‘Marmite’, I couldn’t pass without saying a few words. Released in the beginning of the month on Leeds-based record label Foreign Language Records, ‘Marmite’ is a groovy journey into the acid sound which grows on you with every listen.

The title track starts off on a mellow note but after 1 minute has passed, a little drop marks the beginning of the acid madness which is accompanied by a super groovy bass line and the occasional vocal sample.

This beauty is followed by the more modern sound of ‘Anything Yet’ and two remixes of ‘Marmite’ by Jey Kurmis and Jamal H.

‘Marmite’ EP definitely brings the dusty and exciting feel of 80s house music into 2015 so if you appreciate the Chicago sound, don’t hesitate to give it a listen.

You can buy ScurrilousMarmite EP here.

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