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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Seth Troxler’s Acid Future @ Tobacco Dock, London (08.08.2015)

seth troxler acid future line up
Raya Raycheva


In a city in which hundreds of dance music related events are happening at all times, it’s hard to put on a party that’s going to be known as The Party for days, months and years to come.

And yet Seth did it.

Seth Troxler’s Acid Future at London’s Tobacco Dock was, in my opinion, The Party of the summer and yes, I am perfectly aware that the summer is nowhere near over.



A celebration of acid house roots as well as its impact on present day house music culture, and with one foot in the future sound of the underground, Acid Future was an event like no other.

Held in the 19th century multi-level warehouse of the Tobacco Dock and organized by London Warehouse Events, the whole experience proved that acid’s future is as bright as its famous past.

While I spent the first hour and a half enjoying the madness of the Arthur Baker and Martinez Brothers b2b, going in and out of the Great Gallery and the Little Gallery (Shiny disco balls! Wooohoo!), memorizing the set times and having one of Seth’s famous Smokey Tails meaty treats, it wasn’t until I got down to the Car Park that I really felt the party spirit kick in.



The Car Park was, for me, the place where dreams came true. The underground, windowless space, the smoke, the unidentifiable faces and bodies, flashing bright and fading again for milliseconds under the lasers, moving to the rhythm of 808s and 303s… It was everything I wanted!

It was in the Car Park where OG UK rave legend Danny Rampling slayed with an uncompromising set that I’m sure a lot of us dance music history geeks will remember forever. If I could go back to that basement right this moment, I wouldn’t think about it for a second!

Meanwhile, the man of the hour, Seth Troxler, and the Martinez Brothers were playing b2b in the Great Gallery which we caught just in time to give a massive thumbs up to – well, full on hands up in the air to be more precise.



Of course, we had to stay in the Great Gallery for Marshall Jefferson, the Chicago legend and house music pioneer who came right after Seth and the bros. It was exactly that combination of Originators and Kids that learned from them and kept pushing their own innovative sound and house music boundaries, that made Acid Future such a special experience.

And, as my love for Jackmaster is known far and wide, of course I headed back to the Little Gallery where everyone’s favourite ‘certified belter’ (teehee) blew our heads away with his trademark blend of seriousness and cheek. Fresh off of his Boiler Room b2b with Armand Van Helden, dropping Helden’s cult remix of CJ Bolland’s ‘Sugar Is Sweeter’ seemed like a particularly sweet inclusion.



I was really hoping to hear the mysterious Bawrut track ‘Ciquita’ that Jack played last December on one of his Radio 1 shows as it seemed fitting to the vibe but, unless I missed it in the beginning of the set, I will have to continue holding my breath for it at other Jackmaster parties to come (When is this tune being released? Who’s Bawrut? Seriously!). [November edit: The track is now out.]

But enough now. Let’s not live in the past. Let’s remember it and the warm feelings it gave us and let’s look into the future. Cause the future is now and all of that but, most importantly, the good music is very much present and appreciated.



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