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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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SHLTR – Outer Heaven (ABCD, 2014)

SHLTR - Outer Heaven
Angel S.

Electronic beat music may be seriously tiring. I guess that can also be a reason why producers keep putting out more EPs and singles and not so much full length LPs. Our ears have become permanent victims to the loudness war and with each and new release we’re forcefed pumped up, uber compressed kick drums, sterile voices and lethal doses of bass.

Okay, that serves the purpose when you’re in the club, but sometimes you want more damn space between your ears and music. You want something a bit more comforting and natural, with a dynamic range that actually allows the sound to really unfold and exist in the air.

All that mumbo-jumbo is nothing but just words of praise for SHLTR’s brand new release on Ivan Shopov’s (COOH, Balkansky, Drum Kid) very own digital outlet ABCD. For a name your price download you’re in for a great travel.

Minimalist beats interacting with thin pads, which inhabit the insides of each piece. Delicate and simple melodies gravitate close to the surface, sometimes letting out modulated and pitch-shifted voices. They emerge from the sparse and organic mix not to stand far from it, but to completely integrate in the fragile textures, which are building SHLTR’s sound.

Outer Heaven’ is neatly produced, clean and even transparent. However, the fact that both the producer and Ivan decided to keep it as natural as possible, not letting that perfect sonic structure fall a victim to compression abuse, is a huge reason for this album to stand out. At first you may catch yourself thinking ‘Why the heck is this stuff so quiet?’ But then it’ll grow on you, it’ll convince you that music actually does need some space to really breathe, to develop and live.

I won’t go into details and tell you what each piece does to you, as, meh, you’re the listener at the end. However, I’ll tell you that ‘Outer Heaven’ allows you to interact with it on a new level.

If you score the download you’ll receive a sample pack with stems for the ‘Sink’ piece. So you can pour all your creativity and remix, reconstruct or re-whatever-you-want the piece and submit the outcome.

I guess the best works will make it to a remix release. Something which also grants this album a long and healthy life.

SHLTR – ‘Outer Heaven’

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