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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Sofia Beats presents DAYO (Mixtape 5, May 29, Sofia, BG)

Nevyana Boycheva

This is a public service announcement which aims at informing the general public of the upcoming beats invasion this week in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. Anonymous sources told mo’fidelity that behind the musical attack stand several DJs known only by their stage names – Bobcat, Junkfool, Mengeme and Infragreen.

We have sufficient information to conclude that these individuals come from outer space but we’re yet to determine whether they mean well or not. As far as the last two go – some of our informants have identified them as belonging to a music party collective which goes by the name Sofia Beats. They also have a third member who occasionally writes for this humble blog and goes by the name beatbucket which probably means that we’re somehow supporting this beats conspiracy in our spare time (when we’re not browsing the web for cats on synthesizers).

The musical attack is scheduled to take place this Friday, May 29 in the downtown venue Mixtape 5. Sofia Beats‘ partners in crime on the night of question will be the instrumental jazzy hip-hop group DAYO. Its members are armed with various instruments and lots of skill to touch your softer side, so be careful! They go by the names Vassil Voutev (drums), Evden Dimitrov (bass), Bozhidar Vasilev aka TromBobby (trombone, MPC, synthesizer (with a cat on it hopefully)), Mihail Filipov (keys) and DJ Rawland (turntables).

The name DAYO means ‘the joy arrives’ so I guess there’s nothing to worry about 😀

But you should, nevertheless, get prepared by checking out the following links:

DAYO on Facebook

DAYO @ Soundcloud

Sofia Beats on Facebook 

And some real information about the event!

See you there!

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