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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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STWO – Parisian beats from Soulection’s family

STWO – Parisian beats from Soulection’s family
Raya Raycheva

The last couple of months have been very serious for your favourite bloggers – higher educations, state exams, new jobs and professions and even higher educations. Which is why the blogging had to die for a while and will probably stay on the more rare side in the next couple of months. But that’s life, you have to think about the future (or so I’ve been told since I was a very, very little kid… too young to be honest).

So here we have now the present and the future taking the form of a new and exciting artist on the horizon – STWO.

STWO is a 21-year-old Parisian who is clearly a very cool person and when I say “clearly” I clearly mean “judging by his music” and “I don’t really have other sources to base my conclusion on”. And it doesn’t matter cause the tracks are what matter anyway and they are not only very bloody good but also very diverse in the way they sound. They are full of interesting samples and on top of it all you can download a big chunk of them for free using the links I have provided on the bottom of the page.

STWO, whose name is apparently pronounced like Stuart without the “art”, is part of the Soulection family – a label that we’ve been enjoying and getting excited about for quite a while now and about which, Nevy told you last spring. We also tend to mention their artists like Sango and Ta-Ku pretty often. They’re good, what can we do?

Yes, I’m posting a track after every sentence because I can’t pick just a couple and I’m trying to insert as many as possible. And this was another sentence so it’s time for a track.

Alright, time for the links.
STWO on Facebook
STWO on Soundcloud
STWO on Bandcamp

And FINALLY – try to resist listening to this track!

You’re welcome!



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