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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Superstar DJs with Annie Mac | ep. 3: Disclosure

Raya Raycheva

Another week, another episode of Superstar DJs with Annie Mac!

And will you look at that, I mistakenly thought that this week would be Diplo but no – it’s Disclosure! In other words, I’m not skipping this week’s episode so let’s get recappin’!

Click here for a recap of last week’s episode dedicated to Seth Troxler.

Ok so who are Guy and Howard? They’re proper musicians, they started out as “bedroom producers”, they were quickly snatched by a major label, they have already topped ALL OF THE CHARTS, they’ve been nominated for a lot of awards and they’re winning over ‘Murica.

I guess someone didn’t get the memo that the wonder brothers aren’t really in the process of rising. They’ve risen all right. Like album-debuting-at-number-one kind of risen.


You never stop “rising” if you don’t get a Mercury prize. OOOOOH SNAP.

We’re off to meet them at Alexandra Palace before their biggest gig of the tour, but first we meet their manager Toby. I can immediately tell that Toby is a very nice guy. This makes me happy because I’ve grown to think of Disclosure as the younger brothers that I never had and want them to be surrounded by nice people.

(You know, the younger brothers who are so far ahead of you in life that when your parents are talking to other people they’re like “Oh, yeah, Guy and Howard are having a lot of fun with their sold out international tour, chart-topping album and the Grammy nomination, and Raya… you know… she’s getting another degree… she’s really into studying…”)


I bet they don’t spend a lot of time in their pajamas.

It’s a 10,000 people audience that they’re going to be playing for.

Also, this is Guy’s office.


Me, I don’t even have a desk. I’m sitting on the floor. It’s not as zen as it sounds.

Annie is super cute when she gets excited. She learns that Guy has to manually play every word on its own instead of the whole vocal and starts jumping around with surprise. To be fair, I wouldn’t have guessed either. It makes it is more impressive that way.

Then Annie she goes around the venue in search of the “special guests” that will be coming out during the gig.

There’s Eliza Doolittle!


And there’s Annie’s hair?? Never question the director’s decisions.

And then there’s Sam Smith! He’s another super nice guy and I am once again ecstatic about all of the niceness that surrounds Disclosure.


I never want to find out if any of these people are actually not that nice. Also, director’s decisions.

Eats Everything says that Disclosure have flipped popular dance music on its head which is a really good point.

I mean, popular dance music, like really fucking popular dance music is currently the EDM monster that makes me want to shoot black tar heroin in my eyeballs while snorting crack through my butthole to try and numb the pain it causes me. Yet Disclosure have created their own musical bubble of quality tunes combined with popularity that’s widely appealing to everyone from a dance music audience to a strictly pop music audience.

And for this we salute them!


Expect these guys’ album this fall but know that their influences are more techno than house.

BOOM! The gig starts, happens and goes. It’s great. Everyone’s happy and we’re off to San Francisco!

We’re not that happy there, not because San Francisco is a lonely town but because Howard has been violently ill and has been on a drip all day.

So the poor guy isn’t drinking wine with what appears to be a bunch of debauched ancient Romans. Or he’s just below the drinking age in ‘Murica? I keep forgetting these things.


I also keep getting carded at the off licence. My adult acne keeps me youthful.

We spend some more time with manager Toby and he keeps praising the brothers’ niceness and I need to quote Nevy here and say that I feel like my head has been dipped into a bowl of cotton candy. And, contrary to how everything sounds when it comes out of my mouth/keyboard, I’m not even being sarcastic here. I can’t even be mean with these guys!

Then this audience guy cracks Annie up when he says that he thought Sam Smith was a black woman.


“It was dark, I was drunk, the mood was right…” [Disclaimer: Not actual quote.]

Then less funny audience members mention Avicii and Calvin Harris for some reason and I’m like what? This isn’t the Diplo episode already, is it?

The gig is amazing, some rude girls jump on stage and Howard manages to not die which is highly commendable.

Commercial break! Time to make myself some lunch!

And we’re back!



If you thought that things couldn’t get any sweeter and nicer, we head over to leafy Reigate in Surrey where the boys are from. And the funniest thing is that due to London’s ridiculous house prices, I currently have the Wikipedia page for Surrey open in another tab and was just thinking “Reigate… that sounds affordable…



When can I move in, my lovely little brothers?

Annie points out the stark difference between a mad gig in the States and having tea in Surrey. And oh my god – their studio is above their dad’s antique shop! Their dad is adorable admitting he’s more of an old rocker and Guy jokes that if they write a house-prog-rock song dad can join them on stage.

Two things: 1) awwww! and 2) I want to own an antique shop when I move to Surrey.

The studio is super cozy and unassuming.


Cue head being dipped in cotton candy.

They talk about their different personalities. Howard was more of a getting pissed in the park dude and Guy was into sports and now Guy has a beer belly and Howard goes to the gym.

Then they talk about the pressure of a second album after such a banging debut and about the musicality of their productions.

And, once again, an oh-my-god-aww story – many years ago, when their granddad owned the antique shop, their dad was up in the studio making prog rock songs. I have something to say to the Lawrence family – if you need a token failed-in-life family member, take me!


You already have a tiny replica of me in your shop.


Stop making fun of me with your eyes.

By the magic of montage, we are now in Manchester and the boys have just flown in from New York. Apparently, Madonna came in the booth at this club where they were DJing and Annie’s all like…



Apparently, Madge’s dancer went up to the booth and said “Madonna wants to meet you” but Howard heard “My daughter wants to meet you” and, being the sweet guy that he is, was like “Sure, but not right now, you know, DJing and working at the moment and stuff…

Oh, you’re funny, my little brother from my future adoptive family. I promise I’ll protect you from onions for the rest of my life (Howard hates onions, family knows that).


Don’t be sad! I promise I’ll never mention your hatred of onions again (Howard hates that it comes up in every interview).

It’s time for the Disclosure boys to go play at Parklife and Annie’s voiceover asks some relevant rhetorical questions about the second album, about America’s obsession with EDM and other important things.

And we close off with “What’s In Your Head?”

There it is, folks. If you didn’t love the Disclosure bros before, you should now. But let’s be honest, you loved them before, now you just love them even more.

That’s what NICE young people with international success are like and maybe we, as a society, should focus more on their kind rather than on The Others.

If you’re in a land that permits you, watch the whole episode on 4od.

And send me hate on Twitter!

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