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mo' fidelity | November 15, 2018

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Superstar DJs with Annie Mac | ep. 2: Seth Troxler

Raya Raycheva

Hello and welcome to Annie Mac’s Superstar DJs series on Channel 4! A journey into the life of some of today’s busiest and best dance music ambassadors hosted by one of our favourite ladies in the biz.

It’s possible that after you read that last sentence, you exclaimed with surprise: “But Raya, you said ‘best’ and yet the first episode was dedicated to Tiesto!” Yes, you’re right. See kids, in the magic land of television you have to give the people what they want. Judging by the popularity of horrible reality shows, we can all assume what people’s tastes are like and Tiesto fits them perfectly.

But you can skip that first episode. I watched it so you don’t have to. Episode one was for Channel 4’s ratings, episode two is for us. Episode two which blesses us with the opportunity to hang out with The Man, The Bomb – Seth Troxler.

But just to set an appropriate tone, let’s take a moment to point out some differences between the two episodes’ main characters.

While Tiesto had a private jet, Seth was reppin’ EasyJet and the Eurostar. While Tiesto was pushing buttons for Vegas assholes who pay thousands of dollars to sit on a table, Seth was dropping bombs for proper German techno-heads at 7am. While Tiesto was taking photos with out-of-work models in bunny years, Seth was cooking ribs in Hackney. While Tiesto probably has his own laser lights factory, Seth has – gasp! – a personality.

But enough about other people’s electronic music incompetence. Let’s get to the show.


There’s our warrior. He cares about the scene’s culture (Detroit, duh), he has a sense of humour, he plays 7-hour sets on – shock – vinyl, he wears his girlfriend’s shorts, he’s Mixmag’s 2013 DJ of the year, he runs three music labels, he has a pop-up restaurant for good ol’ meat and secret recipe BBQ sauce.


He also licked a bowling ball once.

We see Seth (and his moustache) DJing in Paris and calling himself “a very fun, awesome, courageous guy” . He’s totally allowed to say these things unlike some, let’s say, Dutch people in tight t-shirts. He starts the set at midnight and finishes it at 7am. Boom! Courageous and awesome.


Trains aka the best means of transportation known to man. Do I have a thing for trains? Yes.

He arrives in London on the Eurostar (my favourite train of them all) with his whole arsenal of jokes, shares his DJ-lifestyle related health problems and goes for a nap.


“All the cool people are in London,”  says Seth. True. But also all the assholes.

He’s about to DJ at a London Fashion Week party and has the outfit to go with it. I’m not entirely sure what this has to do with anything but his pants are apparently very soft.

He doesn’t plan his sets cause he needs to catch the vibe of the party first. Who would’ve thought? He then throws some classy shade at the kind of people who may or may not have been featured on the show already.

He’s into Brian Ferry. And then there’s the ‘stache.


A courageous guy.

So Seth’s step-father was a techno DJ and, bearing in mind this is Detroit we’re talking about, nothing about Troxler’s behind-the-decks realness is surprising.

Next stop – Mannheim, Germany and the techno fest-rave known as Time Warp. Annie has to wake up at like 3.30am to go to Seth’s set at 7am and I’m all like “Giiirrrrl, I hear ya!


Tiesto probably has people that can change the time for him.

The last time I tried to wake up at midnight after a very sensible post-dinner nap I just didn’t. Wake me up when the Eurostar starts operating direct routes from Acton to East London. Four hundred night buses on the way back home in the west is enough. I can’t do it in the first direction as well. I’m a human being god dammit!


But I digress.

Time Warp, of course, is all crazy and continental Europe-y. People are smoking in the tents, everybody’s dancing and drinking water, the sunglasses are present, Seth’s gonna be dropping bombs. All is well in the land of order and efficiency.

Jamie Jones is there. Magda is there. Apparently, Seth booked her for a party when he was 15 and rocking dreadlocks. As they say in my adopted home – what a ledge.


And she knows it.

Now it’s 9am and Troxler’s set is over. This means that he just got off work and can finally take a moment to party and enjoy himself.

I woke up at 9am today after a very long and good night’s sleep. I am now lying on a couch and eating kebab leftovers.


And here I am thinking about mortgage plans.

We return to London and now we’re at a food bloggers convention because of course. Seth has his own pop up restaurant in Hackney called Smokey Tails and is basically a perfect human. He makes his grandfather’s BBQ sauce and Annie gives me a heart attack.



Annie informs us that the sauce is very zingy. You know what else is zingy, Annie? Hepatitis. [AUTUMN EDIT: EBOLA.]
Then they make it a bit better by showing some porn.

the next cover of Sports Illustrated

Oh, baybay… The next cover of Sports Illustrated.

Seth has a stellar back-up career in restaurants and me and my wife’s Google Food Reviews map can get behind that.

After we see some people in buttoned up shirts taking photos of the food, we’re off to Ibiza, the cult dance haven that holds a million stories and even more STDs. Do I sound resentful? Do I sound like someone who’s never been to Ibiza and is therefore only qualified to make pretentious h8er remarks about it? Do I?? DO I!!??

Seth Troxler is like the Zeus of Ibiza. Is what I’ve heard. On the show. From Seth’s mouth.

He has a weekly residency in Ibiza and is going to EasyJet his way back and forth from London because, presumably, Tiesto is not his BBF and won’t lend him his private flying tin can.

Then there’s a moment in the car in which Seth is doing a puppet show joke and reminds me of this Russian guy Dmitry who lives in Paris (no relation to Dimitri from Paris) and whom I can imagine doing that exact same puppet joke with the facial expressions and everything. Then there’s jokes about trees and I’m all like – dude, Dmitry!

This has nothing to do with Superstar DJs or this show – it’s just a reminder that this is а website that gets no hits or advertising and therefore I can do whatever the hell I want on it. Shout out to Dmitry!

Ibiza sucks.

Ibiza sucks.

Then they eat prawns in a proper fish shack restaurant that Seth knows because he knows his food. And then I literally google “seth troxler food recommendations” and find an old interview where he mentions St. John’s and I go “FUCK YEAH ST.JOHN’S”.

Then we go to DC-10.

Stolen artwork from Tate Modern.

Stolen artwork from Tate Modern.

DC-10 is an honest club for people who want to listen to a great DJ actually mixing and taking them on a journey through dance music culture and history.


I don’t know because I’ve never been to Ibiza but DC-10 sounds great, looks great and has a huge sub, up to Annie Mac’s chest.

Seth loves DC-10, his extended sets are like making love and he likes to live in the future.


And the future is full of hoverboards.

And there we have it, folks. This episode was a pure delight to watch and recap. I mean, I only decided to recap it because it was fun to watch and I wanted a semi-good reason to replay and take screencaps.

I think we’ve all learned just how awesome Seth Troxler is and so I can now go eat some leftover double chocolate birthday cake and bitch about Ibiza.

For the full TV experience let’s close off the recap with the closing track of the show. Ba-boom!

I believe next week’s episode will feature Diplo which means I’ll probably skip it (AUTUMN EDIT: I didn’t and now that bloody post provides 80% of the site traffic. Jeez.) but I’ll be back for the wonder brothers by the name of Disclosure the week after that.

If you’re in the UK, go ahead and watch on 4od. If not, just trust me.

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