The Hydra: Ninja Tune x Solid Steel 25 @ Fire, London, 6.12.13

The Mo’ Fidelity bloggers reunited for a night (and morning) in London that will hold the crown in the “Best Party in a While” category for… well, a while.

Solid Steel’s 25th anniversary offered the kind of experience every Solid Steel radio show proudly stands for – THE BROADEST BEATS. The only drawback was that I couldn’t possibly be in three rooms at the same time so maybe the scientists among us can think of a way to multiplicate for the, let’s say, 30th anniversary (and have that one IN SPACE).

First of all, that venue was fantastic. Bear with me for a second, I’m new to London, I’m in the process of discovering them one venue at a time. So it was Fire in Vauxhall but Room 3 was also Lightbox? What was happening? I don’t know but it was perfect. Three rooms – right next to each other but still very well-separated sound-wise. Also movement-wise and bar-wise. And fun-wise.

And then there was the music. My dear reader, your auntie Raya could not find one thing to bitch about. In fact, grandma was going around telling people “I cannot find one thing to bitch about! This is amazing!


The Hydra: Ninja Tune x  Solid Steel 25 @ Fire & Lightbox, Vauxhall, London. Set Times.

The Hydra: Ninja Tune x Solid Steel 25 @ Fire & Lightbox, Vauxhall, London.
Set Times.

Let me walk you through my migrating patterns. To be fair I spent about 80% of the time in Room 1/ Main Arch because I got hooked on what was happening there pretty early on and found it hard to leave.  And what was happening there was Caught In The Middle of a 3-Way Mix or DJ Food, DJ Cheeba and DJ Moneyshot’s 4 deck version of their reversion of the Beastie Boys‘ “Paul’s Boutique” album complete with cool visualizations and an Adam Yauch in memoriam.

Then it was time for PC and thank you, set time programme, for keeping me in check with who is behind the decks at all times. I did not wear my glasses. Also, at this point I took notes because I’m totally professional and not because I was on my 5th whiskey and starting to forget important things. My notes say that we enjoyed “Voodoo Ray” and then MJ’s “Wanna be Startin’ Something” followed by Disclosure’s “What’s in Your Head” and I DO remember finding the set very entertaining.


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At some point I must have moved to Room 1/ Lightbox because a highlight from the night was Mr Scruff playing Squarepusher’s “Red Hot Car”. I didn’t even have to take a note of this. That’s how memorable it was. Then of course I had to tell everybody that I can’t believe I’m hearing this track, everything is amazing and I need another whiskey.


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I did spend some time in the middle arch both in the beginning of the night and towards the end but I can’t be sure who was playing at the time. If I was getting paid for this I would’ve taken more notes *COUGH*COUGH*

And then it was time for Four Tet back in Room 3. I couldn’t take my eyes off of a guy who looked like he had jumped out of the Bomfunk MC’s “Freestyler” video or that general era which I thought was brilliant and his dancing skills were supa fresh. I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry.

And then I and the love of my life headed home because we’re old and tired and then I cut my finger while making grilled cheese at 6am.

But before I go off doing my homework and freaking out about how behind on everything I am, we need to talk about something else that was very noticeable for a grump like me. The people in attendance were fantastic. Since I’ve been in this great city I’ve been complaining a lot about concert/gig etiquette and the drunken, drugged out teens (DAMN YOUTHS!)  who don’t even care about the artist they’ve went to hear. In the past couple of months I went to some concerts by really, really, really hot young artists (also very good ones) and found myself having all kinds of murderous thoughts. The Solid Steel 25th anniversary was for me a true example of how serious music fans (and by that I mean geeks and nerds) act at gigs and I was beside myself with happiness. Everything was how it was supposed to be. The music, the people, the DJs, the selection, the venue, the vibe, the company!

And for that, I am forever grateful.



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