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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Unspecified Enemies – Everything You Did Has Already Been Done EP (Numbers, 2014)

Unspecified Enemies - Everything You Did Has Already Been Done, Numbers 2014
Angel S.

I’ll probably never get used to feeling just okay after I spin a new release. I’m accustomed to perceiving music as either really good or terrible and I find it quite hard to assimilate something placed in the middle.

Unspecified Enemies’ new release on Numbers is still more in the good side of things than on the other one but, regardless, I can’t say it got me too excited. And I guess beat music is supposed to do that, right?

It’s funny that Unspecified Enemies (a collaboration between Louis Digital and CiM aka Counterattack) picked the name ‘Everything You Did Has Already Been Done’ for their EP, because it’s not discovering neither the wheel, nor the hot water. Instead it’s keeping things simple –  you get a somewhat harsher techno with  sporadic vocal samples and that helpless waiting for the drop.

But sometimes the pieces take interesting twists. For example ‘Liquid Floor’ ends with a pretty nice textural and melodic passage, which I guess makes it my highlight of the whole record.

‘Chip Mode’, on the other hand, with its pitch shifted vocals is bringing me back to the rave years, which I’ve always been glad I didn’t have to experience. It’s a track (along with the opener ‘Ms. 45’) dating back to a Counterattack tape originally recorded in 1999 so there’s probably where this feeling comes from.

So all things considered, not a bad release at all, but it jumps from style to style in just 4 tracks. The CiM and Louis Digital fanatics will probably dig it though.

Listen to the whole EP by Unspecified Enemies below.

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