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mo' fidelity | December 16, 2018

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Meet the YouTube Tastemakers That You Should be Following

SubSoul EtonMessy MajesticCasual
Raya Raycheva

If you’re already here at Mo’ Fidelity then chances are we’re into the same kind of music (except the 10% of people who are here entirely by mistake and judging by the Google searches that led people to this site, some poor individuals are very, very, very mistaken, and I’m sorry). If we’re into the same music then you totally know what I’m talking about.

Every YouTube search you’ve even conducted looking for a track by Bondax or Disclosure has led you to these guys’ channels. Every one of them. And then you started clicking on other videos and discovering sweet sounds by producers you’ve never heard of (and possibly 13-year-old ones, goddamn you youngsters these days!) while looking at serene photos of beautiful women and impossible scenery…

Welcome to the best YouTube channels in the history of the internet!
Welcome to the places where all the right “beeps” and “boops” and “wobbles” live in perfect harmony with honeyed vocals and vintage photo filters!
Welcome to the YouTube channels that are going offline – going on tours and releasing compilations!

Eton Messy (YouTube Channel)

Behind Eton Messy there are, from what I gather, 3 guys from Bristol with obviously refined music tastes. Guess what they’re doing now? A fucking tour. That’s right. The response to the channel has been so good (and why wouldn’t it, it’s amazing) and the line-up of artists and tracks has been so fantastic online that it just had to be brought to the offline realms of existence.

If you’re in Bristol on the 2nd of November, go and enjoy Eton Messy’s Autumn Tour.

Eton Messy Facebook

Eton Messy SoundCloud

Eton Messy Twitter


SubSoul (YouTube Channel)

Apparently, the guy behind SubSoul is called Rich Parkinson and likes brandy, music and cats. Just that alone tells me we have a lot in common. Like, a lot.

And what did the SubSoul YouTube channel lead to? A whole album. Also? A party in Plan B, Brixton, on the 16th of November. And according to the event page, this is only coming after a whole summer of partying in Ibiza.

SubSoul Facebook

SubSoul SoundCloud

SubSoul Twitter


Majestic Casual (YouTube Channel)

And just when I was ready to start bitching about Majestic Casual not receiving such much deserved opportunities – dun dun dun – on November 10th they’re releasing The Majestic Casual Chapter 1 compilation featuring 40 stellar tracks by favourites such as Flume, STWO, Sampha, Nosaj Thing, Toro Y Moi and many more.

The guy you should thank in this case is Nick and you can find him in Stuttgart, Germany. Danke schön, Nick!

Majestic Casual Facebook

Majestic Casual SoundCloud

Majestic Casual Twitter


Good, grand, great, yeah?

Now you can rush to creating your own groundbreaking YouTube channel in hopes that you’ll be that good or, instead of wasting your time with ambitions, you could put on a playlist by one of these channels, sit back and go on a journey of musical discovery…

I’m very poetic, I know. I listen to a lot of good music.

Yours truly,


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