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Have you ever wished to hear certain Airwolf Sound FX created by the old Universal Sound division during the early 1980s clearly without Sly Levay”s / Udi Harpaz” wonderful music (or other dialogue) hanging over the top of it? Ever wanted to use some sound FX in your own private video productions (not for public release)? Well now you can with this new selection of high-bit, pseudo-stereo MP3s for your enjoyment.

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To complement this taster collection you may also like to know that there is an Official Universal Studios Sound Effects Library in a superb 5CD box set available to buy from the link below containing a selection of instantly recognisable sounds from the show including the actual real-life sound of the Airwolf helicopter both hovering & fly-pasts, as well as foley sounds like most of the aircraft in the show, gun-fire, car sounds and atmospheric noises that were used in the series to add texture and depth to the mono sound-track.

Please note that all these sounds are Copyright Universal Studios © 1984, some are extended and manipulated by Mark J.Cairns.

Cisco anyconnect secure mobility client install error 1722. Please support the official Sound Effects Library product by Sound Ideas, Ontario, Canada, which is Copyright Universal Studios © 1992.


Airwolf Ringtone

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At the behest of a shadowy government organization, an enigmatic loner steals a supersonic military helicopter from its twisted creator and uses it to fight the bad guys around the world in this 1980s action series.

Airwolf Ringtone Android

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Airwolf Ringtone For Android

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Airwolf Ringtone Android App

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