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Project Nevada is a mod aiming to make Fallout: New Vegas a more interesting – eventually more challenging – but surely more fun experience for you. Today we take a look at just how good we can make Fallout: New Vegas look with modern modding capabilities and modern hardware. Modding Guide: http://wiki.st.

Fallout New Vegas Project

Fallout: New Vegas locations project
This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas locations project. This project is dedicated to standardizing Fallout: New Vegas location articles. If you want to participate, please check the project page.

This article is within the scope of the Fallout: New Vegas locations project. This project is dedicated to standardizing Fallout: New Vegas location articles. If you want to participate, please check the project page. Work on the mod actually began using Fallout 3, according to the Project Brazil Wiki, but shifted to New Vegas after it was released in 2010. The first of three planned installments was released. Description Project Mojave is a project in the making since January of 2019. It is a near fully voiced mod (Two very minor characters aren”t voiced) containing around 30 voiced characters, 11 quests, a couple unmarked quests, 2 new world spaces with full nav-meshed and LOD, new weapons, armor, other items, new crafting stations, and tons more!

Red Gate
Map Marker Red Gate
Cell Name NVDLC02SecRRDocks (closest)
ref id 00686d

Red Gate is a location in the Zion Canyon. It is located north-northwest of the Red Rapids Docks.


Located on top of some rock formation overlooking the river, the area contains the remains of Randall Dean Clark, known as “The Father” to the Sorrows, and his pack which contains miscellaneous loot, along with the Survivalist”s rifle and the Year: 2124holotape.

At first, it may seem impossible to reach the place to get the rifle. Ching book architecture pdf. If you just keep going around the rock formation, you can reach it. A way up can be found to the northwest of Red Gate; red dirt goes halfway up, and a steep rock slope is just barely climbable the rest of the way. Clark”s remains can be found against a rock formation facing west-northwest (his gaze looks directly at Bighorn Bluff if viewed on the world map), obscured behind two evergreen trees.

Notable loot


  • White Legs can sometimes get to the Survivalist”s rifle before you do and use it against you. The same can happen if Waking Cloud or Follows-Chalk is in your party.


Fallout New Vegas Project X-13

Red Gate appears in the Fallout: New Vegasadd-onHonest Hearts.


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Fallout New Vegas Mods Pc

  • PCPlayStation 3Xbox 360 The map marker for Red Gate may not appear on your mini map.
Quests and achievements Main Happy Trails Expedition ·Arrival at Zion ·Deliverer of Sorrows (Gone Fishin”, Roadside Attraction, Tourist Trap) ·The Treacherous Road ·The Grand Staircase ·Gathering Storms ·Flight from Zion ·Crush the White Legs ·Departing Paradise
Side A Family Affair ·Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin ·Chaos in Zion ·Civilized Man”s Burden ·Prisoners of War ·Retake the Bridge ·River Monsters ·Rite of Passage ·Sanctity of the Dead ·The Advance Scouts
Achievements May my Hand Forget its Skill ·In a Foreign Land ·O Daughter of Babylon ·When We Remembered Zion ·Restore Our Fortunes
Locations Angel Cave ·Ant Burrow ·Bighorn Bluff ·Burial Mounds ·Caterpillar”s Mound ·Clear Water Docks ·Crashed scout bus ·Court Fork Overlook ·Crossroad Cavern ·Cueva Guarache ·Dagger”s Point ·Dead Horses Camp ·East Fork Bridge ·Eastern Virgin ·Fallen Rock Cave ·General Store ·Ghost Den ·Glass Chime Cave ·Half Mouse Cave ·Morning Glory Cave ·Northern Passage ·North Fork Bridge ·North Fork Campground ·Old Rockville Bridge ·Patriarchs” Campground ·Pine Creek Tunnel ·Ranger Substation Eagle ·Ranger Substation Osprey ·Ranger Substation Peregrine ·Red Rapids Docks ·Sorrows Camp ·Sorrows Fork Campground ·Southern passage ·Stone Bones Cave ·Sun Sentinels ·Sweet Flower Cave ·The Aerie ·The Bend Bridge ·The Spine ·The Red Gate ·Three Marys (Three Mary”s Cavern) ·Two Skies Cave ·Vault 22 Dwellers” Guard Camp ·Virgin River ·Virgin Fork Campground ·White Bird”s Cave ·Wind Wall Docks ·Yao Guai Cave ·Zion Canyon ·Zion Fishing Lodge ·Zion Ranger Station ·Zion Valley Welcome Booth
Items Weapons .45 Auto pistol (A Light Shining in Darkness) ·.45 Auto submachine gun ·War club ·Survivalist”s rifle ·Fire bomb ·Tomahawk ·Compliance Regulator ·Yao guai gauntlet (She”s Embrace) ·Salt-Upon-Wounds” power fist ·Bug sprayCut content
Apparel Desert Ranger combat armor ·Chalk”s headdress ·Daniel”s outfit ·Dead Horses stalker armor ·Gecko-backed leather armor (reinforced) ·Gecko-backed metal armor (reinforced) ·Joshua Graham”s armor ·Park Ranger hat ·Salt-Upon-Wounds” helmet ·Sorrows outfit ·Sorrows adorned outfit ·White Legs hide armor ·White Legs outfit
Consumables Black coffee ·Blood Shield ·Dark datura ·Datura antivenom ·Datura hide ·Daturana ·Healing poultice ·Large Wasteland tequila ·Sacred datura root ·Spore plant pods ·Wasteland tequila ·Weapon binding ritual
Misc items Broken compass ·Compass ·Compass sensor module ·Ghost of She”s paw ·Green gecko egg ·Green gecko hide ·Li”l Scout lunchbox ·Medical supply kit ·Scripture ·Tanned green gecko hide ·Walkie-talkie
Holodisks and notes BEWARE – A VENGEFUL SPIRIT STALKS THESE CANYONS ·Sorrows healing powder supply
Characters Dead Horses Dead Horse Disciple of Canaan ·Follows-Chalk ·Joshua Graham ·Two-Bears-High-Fiving
Happy Trails Caravan Company Jed Masterson ·Ricky ·Stella
Sorrows Dancing Flame ·Daniel ·Waking Cloud ·White Bird ·Randall Clark
White Legs Salt-Upon-Wounds
Factions Dead Horses ·The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ·Sorrows ·White Legs
Perks Corpse FinderCut content ·Eye for Eye ·Tribal Wisdom ·Well-Stacked Cairns ·Quiet As The Waters ·Grunt ·The Way of the Canaanite ·Sneering Imperialist ·Fight the Power! ·Home on the Range
Cutscenes Honest Hearts trailer ·Honest Hearts intro ·Honest Hearts endings

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