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I continue to get an error saying that I haven”t installed Neospeech or Loquendo, even after downloading both from the Adobe site. The osftware appears to be from Macromedia, which is now owned by Adobe. So what is the problem, that it does not show up in Captivate 5.5?

  • NeoSpeech is a company that specializes in text-to-speech software for embedded devices, mobile, desktop, and network/server applications. NeoSpeech was founded by two speech engineers in Fremont, California, in 2002. NeoSpeech is privately held, headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Stephen Hawking was a well-known NeoSpeech TTS user. Adobe Systems has selected NeoSpeech Speech synthesis for their e-learning authoring suite Adobe Captivate.
  • click the Captivate 7: The Essentials link On most web browsers, a dialog box appears asking if you want to Save, Run or Open the file. The goal is to save the file to your computer. It doesn’t matter where you save the file, provided you can find it in a moment to execute it.

Welcome to Adobe Forums.
Do you have Windows or MAC ?
Could you upload a screenshot of that Error Message ?
Also do you see “VT” & “Loquendo” on Captivate 5.5 installation folder ?
Windows : C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 5.5
MAC : ApplicationsAdobe Captivate 5.5

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NeoSpeech language support in Captivate. Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate supports text-to-speech via NeoSpeech. Text-to-speech, simply put, is a process that converts any text into a spoken output. In Captivate, you can include intonations, inflections, pauses, etc. In your speech output.

  • After successfully installing NeoSpeech for Captivate to add additional text-to-speech voices, I am not seeing the Speech Agent options populated with the new NeoSpeech voices in Captivate.
    I downloaded the NeoSpeech package with the following link provided in Captivate:
    I am running captivate on windows 7, 64bit.
    Please advise.

    Hello ,
    Thanks for sharing the update , You mentioned in the above post that you downloaded voices for Captivate .
    If you are already using an updated version then Please check that if you see VT folder in C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 6 x64 folder?
    If not Please reinstall voices again and make sure that you close Captivate before installing .
    If you see VT folder then try to recreate prefrences of Adobe Captivate .
    Go to .C:Users[USERNAME]AppDataLocalAdobe and rename Captivate 6.0 x64 to Captivate 6.0 x64.old .
    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu Satija

  • I tried using the link in the text to speech window, nothing happens when I click on it.

    Hi There,
    Please find the download link for Captivate 8 Neo Speech Voices :- ( For 32 bit ) ( For 64 bit )
    Save the zip file and then extract it. Run the setup file from extracted folder and it will install Neospeech voices.

  • I installed Captivate 6 Version in May of this year and also successfully installed NeoSpeech text-to-speech. Used the text-to-speech in a number of projects over a 2 month or so period and all went well.
    I now need to complete another project with text-to-speech and do not see the other voices in the speech management window. Just Ana is listed in the drop down. So I downloaded the again into my c:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 6 x64 folder and extracted it into the same folder. (Captivate was closed)
    When I look in the c:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Captivate 6 x64NeoSpeech Text To Speech VoicesVT folder, a Kate and Paul folder exists. I then executed the CPExtrasCLI.exe file but I still don’t have the additional voices in the speech management window in Captivate. How can I get the voices to become available for use again?

    Try deleting the preferences and install it again.

  • Captivate 6 – Version I am unable to install NeoSpeech voices. Error: “Adobe Application Manager may be damaged..etc. I have downloaded a new copy of Adobe Application Manager 7.0, but continue to get error.

    You”re not trying to download NeoSpeech voices for Cp7 and install them on Cp6 are you?

  • I can”t install correctly Adobe Captivate 8, cause a message of no connection to internet appears (I am connected to internet). Even though, when I try to unistall through the control panel it doesn”t let me, an Uninstall Failed message appears, anyone knows how to uninstall it??
    I”ve already tried Adobe Cleaner Tool, but it doesn”t work, as the program is not listed as one of the proposed
    Does anyone know how to uninstall it??
    Thank you

    Which are you after.. installing Captivate 8 or uninstalling it (whatever “it” is)?
    Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later

  • I have tried to install and run Captivate 4 but it tell me I have this product installed on 2 other computers. I do not have this installed on any other computers.
    How do I solve this issue so I can use the Captivate software? Ücretsiz php script.

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    – To get iTunes to see the iPod:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X

  • I”m trying to create a silent install package for Captivate 7. It doesn”t appear that this works with AAMEE. Has anyone been able to do this? If it won”t be possible with AAMEE, is there a way to do it with cmd line switches?

    You would need to use Adobe Creative Cloud Packager to create a deployment package and deploy Captivate 7 as AAMEE does not supports Captivate 7.
    Please refer the documentation available at –
    Hope this helps.
    P.S – Creative Cloud Packager would be deployed under your Adobe LWS account. In case you do not have it available in LWS, then please P.M me your email address and I will get that processed.
    Sharad Wurth wow 5.00 19 crack download.

  • Hello,
    I have tried to use the KB 325175 and apply the same command
    line used in Captivate 3 to the new Captivate 4:
    setup.exe /s /v”/qn SERIALNUMBER=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
    ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress”
    However, I got full user interface and it stopped on the
    screen asking me for the serial number. Is there a way to install
    Adobe Captivate 4 silently without any user interaction and what
    are the new command line switches?
    Thank you so much,

    thank you for your replay and I found new clue here.
    Installer Operation: InstallThirdPartyPayloadOperation
    Installing third party payload
    Third party application path:pc0118133c$SVNtrunkCLIENT~1AD1459~1EXTERN~11payloadsAdobeCaptivateReviewe r-mulAIRApplicationRunner.exe
    CommandLine: -airAppPath AdobeCaptivateReviewer.air -airRuntime “Adobe AIR Installer.exe” -desktopShortcut -eulaAccepted -location “C:Program FilesAdobe” -programMenu -silent
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:15 2010 INFO
    Checking bootstrapper progress
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:17 2010 INFO
    Checking bootstrapper progress
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:19 2010 INFO
    Checking bootstrapper progress
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:21 2010 INFO
    Checking bootstrapper progress
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:23 2010 INFO
    Checking bootstrapper progress
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:25 2010 INFO
    Checking bootstrapper progress
    [ 460] Fri May 14 11:27:27″
    I check the install log of captivate,
    it seem as it is keep on checking something during install payload “Air” and nver pass unless I kill the process of Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe
    I”m not sure AIR is necessary for Captivate usage, if no, can I modify the “setup.xml” in payload folder to sikp AIR install?

  • Where can I download NeoSpeech for Captivate 7? I also need to download eLearning Assets for Captivate 7.

    Welcome to Adobe Forums!
    You can download the Neo speech for Captivate from the below links.
    For 64 bit Captivate :
    For 32 bit Captivate :
    For Mac :
    Hope this helps !
    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu Satija

  • Hi,
    I have downloaded the neospeech installer but whenever I am trying to rn the installer I am getting a message that “Administrator privileges are required to install. Please login as administrator”. Will I have to create an administrator login for this ? Please help!!

    Indeed, as Sreekanth points out, you need full administration rights for any installation. But “Run as Administrator” for Captivate only needs limited rights for Captivate, which is not full administrator rights. Just wanted to clarify.

  • Hello,
    I recently successfully installed Captivate 7. (I had to uninstall it and reinstall it due to a problem.) I then downloaded Neospeech 32-bit Voices for Captivate 7 to my Downloads folder. I unzipped the file within my downloads folder and ran the executive file as administrator. I restarted the computer, and the voices are still not within in Captivate. Any tips?
    And wouldnt it be easier if Captivate just included them in the software to begin with?

    Do you see the VT folder in the Program Files folder – C:Program Files (x86)Adobe Captivate Voices 7 ?
    If you see that, rename or clear the Preferences folder and launch Captivate as an administrator. You should see the voices in the Captivate.
    If you don”t have the VT folder, then restart your computer and reinstall NeoSpeech. This should work.

  • I have downloaded the files successfully. When I try to run setup.exe i get the error message that it cannot run probable because a file is missing. It is the same error message that I got when I tried to install the voices while using Captivate 7 The error message suggests that I down load Adobe Support Adviser which is no longer available. I am running setup.exe as administrator. I did try it after I closed Captivate 8.

    Hi There,
    Can you please post the screenshot of the error message you are getting?

  • I am not able to download neospeech from teh below link for Captivate 7:
    Is there any other location where i can download this?

    Hello Jamuna,
    Welcome to Adobe Forums!
    You can download the Neo speech for Captivate from the below links.
    For 64 bit Captivate : p
    For 32 bit Captivate : p
    For Mac : dmg
    Hope this helps !
    Thanks and Regards
    Himanshu Satija

  • I am trying to download neospeech voices for captivate 7, using the “click here to download neospeech voices” available under the Speech Management tab. It downloads the zip file but when I click on setup.exe, it gives an error saying that the installation could not be done due to some file that is missing. I have tried this several times, but I am repeatedly getting the same response. Pl advise.

    Please unzip all the contents of that .zip file to a folder and then try to run the setup again.
    If it happens again, then :
    1) Close all the Adobe Programs and installer window.
    2) Go to this location : C:Program FilesCommon FilesAdobe folder
    3) Rename “OOBE” folder to “1234”
    4) Run the setup again.
    Note : If you have 64bit OS, then location will be C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobe


Neospeech Captivate

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Neospeech Paul

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