Sepultura Roots Full Album Download

Studio album by Sepultura
Released 20 Februar 1996
Recordit October–December 1995 at Indigo
Ranch in Malibu, California
Genre Groove metal
Lenth 72:08
Label Roadrunner
Producer Ross Robinson, Sepultura
Sepultura chronology
The Roots of Sepultura
Singles frae Roots
  1. “Roots Bloody Roots”
    Released: 1996
  2. “Attitude”
    Released: 1996
  3. “Ratamahatta”
    Released: 1996

Roots is the saxt studio album bi Brazilian metal baund Sepultura. It wis released on 12 Mairch 1997 bi Roadrunner Records, an wis the baund”s last studio album tae feature foondin member an vocalist Max Cavalera. Follaein the experimentalism o the album Chaos A.D., Roots haes mair influence frae Brazilian muisical rhythms, an features the percussionist Carlinhos Brown, vocalists Jonathan Davis an Mike Patton, an production bi Ross Robinson.

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No. Teetle Lenth
1. “Roots Bloody Roots” 3:32
2. “Attitude” 4:15
3. “Cut-Throat” 2:44
4. “Ratamahatta” (featuri Ross Robinson, David Silveria and Carlinhos Brown) 4:30
5. “Breed Apart” 4:01
6. “Straighthate” 5:21
7. “Spit” 2:45
8. “Lookaway” (featurin DJ Lethal, Jonathan Davis an Mike Patton) 5:26
9. “Dusted” 4:03
10. “Born Stubborn” 4:07
11. “Jasco” 1:57
12. “Itsári” (featurin Xavante Tribe) 4:48
13. “Ambush” 4:39
14. “Endangered Species” 5:19
15. “Dictatorshit” 1:26
16. “Canyon Jam” (unlisted hidden track) 13:16
Tot lenth: 72:08
Roadrunner Records: The 25th Anniversary Series bonus disc
No. Teetle Lenth
1. “Procreation (Of the Wicked)” (Celtic Frostcover) 3:39
2. “Mine” (feat. Mike Patton o Faith No More) 6:25
3. “War” (Bob Marley cover) 6:40
4. “Lookaway” (Master Vibe Mix)” 5:36
5. “Mine (Andy Wallace Mix)” 7:58
6. “Dusted” (demo) 4:27
7. “Roots Bloody Roots” (demo) 3:32
8. “R.D.P.” (demo) 1:15
9. “Untitled” (demo) 4:14
10. “Attitude” (live at Ozzfest) 5:37
11. “Roots Bloody Roots (Megawatt Mix 1)” 4:01
12. “Roots Bloody Roots (Megawatt Mix 2)” 4:08


Chairt Positions & Awaird Certifications[eedit | eedit soorce]

Album – Billboard (North Americae)

Year Chart Position
1996 The Billboard 200 27[1]
1996 UK Album Chart 4[2]

Album – Muisic recordin sales certifications Cdcl 008.

Year Kintra Award Number Sold
1996 UK Siller 60,000 copies[3]
1997 Australie Gowd 35,000 copies[4]
1997 Canadae Gowd 50,000 copies[5]
1997 Fraunce Gowd 100,000 copies[6]
1998 Austrick Gowd 10,000 copies[7]
2001 UK Gowd 100,000 copies[3]
2005 USA Gowd 500,000 copies[8]
Unkent Netherlands Gowd 30,000 copies[9]

Credits[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Max Cavalera – Vocals, 4-string guitar, Berimbau
  • Andreas Kisser – Lead guitar, Sitar, Backing Vocals
  • Igor Cavalera – Drums, Percussion, Timbau, Djembe
  • Paulo Jr. – Bass, Timbau Grandé
  • Mike Patton – Vocals on “Lookaway” and “Mine”
  • David Silveria – Drums on “Ratamahatta”
  • Carlinhos Brown – Vocals, Percussion, Berimbau, Timbau, Wood Drums, Lataria, Xequere, Surdos on “Ratamahatta”
  • Jonathan Davis – Vocals on “Lookaway”
  • DJ Lethal – Scratchin on “Lookaway”

Mp3 Full Album Download

  • Recorded at Indigo Ranch, Malibu, California
  • Produced bi Ross Robinson an Sepultura
  • Ingineered bi Chuck Johnson
  • Additional ingineerin bi Richard Kaplan
  • Seicont ingineered bi Rob Agnello
  • Mixed bi Andy Wallace at Soundtrack Studios, New York Ceety
  • Mix engineered bi Steve Sisco
  • Mastered bi George Marino at Sterling Soond, New York Ceety

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